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M&R makes the industry's finest screen printing equipment, including the world’s fastest automatic screen printing machine; manual t-shirt presses; gas conveyor dryers; infrared conveyor dryers; and screen printing accessories like squeegee holders & floodbars; traditional & specialty M&R pallets and platens; and silk screen stretching equipment.

Other M&R screen printing machines include on-press flash cures & freestanding flash cure units; screen exposure units; computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging and imaging/exposure machines; screen cleaning equipment; and pre-registration systems for screen printing.

M&R also makes direct-to-garment printers that are superior to units costing more than twice as much.

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Adhesive Application & Cooldown Systems

  Pallet Adhesive Application System | T-Shirt Adhesive | Cooldown System | M&R External adhesive application systems are a great alternative to costly aerosol cans, allowing operators to easily apply a fine coating of water-based adhesive to screen printing pallets. M&R’s internal T-shirt adhesive application system sprays a screen printing adhesive inside shirts so that both sides of the T-shirt are kept stable & motionless during all-over screen printing. After-flash cooldown systems reduce flash-cure tack, eliminating the need for an open printhead to cool tack.
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Athletic Numbering & Sample Presses

  Numbering Presses & Sampling Presses | T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine | M&R M&R’s specialty screen printing presses include the revolutionary Abacus II athletic numbering press and Pre-Runner T-shirt sample press. Abacus II makes it a breeze to print two-color numbers. M&R’s standard and oversize semi-automatic Pre-Runner T-shirt sample presses are worthy additions to any company’s line of T-shirt screen printing equipment. These innovative screen printing machines are truly unique.
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Automated Substrate Removal Systems

  Automated Substrate Removal Systems | Auto Unloader | T-shirt Takeoff | M&R Passport is M&R’s patented automatic T-shirt unloader for textiles. It’s the first automatic unloader to remove textile substrates quickly, carefully, and consistently from automatic screen printing presses. In addition to revolutionizing the automatic textile substrate takeoff process, Passport automatic unloader works with all M&R automatic carousel screen printing presses and most gas and electric conveyor dryers.
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Automatic Screen Printing Presses

  Automatic Screen Printing Presses | T-Shirt Printing Machine | Silk Screen | M&R M&R makes the finest automatic screen printing presses in the industry—and the fastest automatic T-shirt screen printing machine in the world. M&R also reinvented the oval automatic screen printing machine, making it possible for screen printers to operate in places no automatic carousel screen printing press could. M&R also makes the most versatile and affordable entry-level and mid-range screen printing presses, as well as a high-volume belt printing press for cut-piece and all-over screen printing.
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Belt Printing Presses

  Automatic Belt Press | All-Over T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine AOP | M&R M&R’s belt screen printing all-over press (AOP) delivers exceptional results on cut-piece goods; T-shirts requiring overall or edge-to-edge coverage; and large substrates like flags, banners, and towels. An integrated belt washer automatically cleans the belt of water-based inks. M&R’s belt printing presses are available in 4, 6, 8, and 10-color models, with maximum image areas up to 97 x 213 cm (38” x 84”). Predator LPC presses are exceptional automatic screen printing machines.
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Conveyor Dryers – Electric & Gas

  Electric Screen Printing Conveyor Dryers | Gas Screen Printing Conveyor Dryers | M&R M&R makes the most efficient gas and electric screen printing conveyor dryers. With process and set temperatures controlled digitally—and with CoolSkin™ technology keeping the heat inside the curing chamber—it’s no wonder each M&R electric or gas screen printing conveyor dryer has the highest production rates and highest level of energy efficiency in its class. No competing electric or gas silk screen printing dryers come close.
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Direct to Garment T-Shirt Printing

  Direct to Garment T-Shirt Printing | Digital Direct to Garment Printer | M&R M&R makes direct-to-garment digital printers that are superior to other digital T-shirt printers costing twice as much. Not only do they have the sophisticated feature set experienced professionals require, they’re priced within the reach of most screen printers, embroiderers, and other garment-decorating professionals. M&R’s direct-to-garment digital printers deliver phenomenal results on whites, lights, darks and blacks.
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Flash Cure Systems & Flash Cure Units

  Infrared Flash Cure Systems | Quartz Flash Dryer Units | Flash Cure Dryer | M&R From value-priced infrared flash cure units for manual screen printing presses to triple-zone instant-on quartz flash cure units for automatic screen printing presses, M&R has a flash cure system for every application and every budget. Some M&R flash cure units can automatically shut off the flash when the substrate reaches operator-set temperature and some flash cure systems can be electronically linked together on the same press for multiple-flash unit curing.
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Flocking Machines & Flocking Equipment

  Flocking Machines for Screen Printing Presses | Flocking Equipment | Flocker Unit M&R’s flocking machines and accessory flocking equipment simplify the application of screen printing flock and the cleanup of excess T-shirt flocking material. M&R flockers make it easy to add tightly-registered multi-color T-shirt flocking capability to most M&R automatic textile presses. M&R’s press-mounted flock vacuum unit eliminates 90% of the T-shirt flock not embedded in the adhesive, and the caster-mounted flock vacuum system removes loose flocking on T-shirts and other screen printed garments.
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Ink Mixing Equipment

  Ink Mixing Machine | Ink Mixer | Ink Mixing Equipment | Plastisol & Waterbase | M&R M&R’s ink mixing machines make quick work of Plastisol and waterbase inks. The screen printing ink mixers are self-centering and quickly adjust to 4 to 20 liter (1 to 5 gallon) containers. Ink mixer models include AC electric fixed-speed and DC electric variable-speed. M&R’s HD ink mixing machine is specifically designed for use with thicker, more viscous inks and coatings, such as high-density plastisol. AC Standard and DC ink mixing units rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.
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Manual Screen Printing Presses

  Manual Screen Printing Presses | T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine | M&R M&R makes Chameleon, the world’s best sampling and manual-production screen printing press. Chameleon’s revolutionary two-tier design lets users add from four to six printheads without expanding the footprint. M&R also makes Sidewinder, the world’s best entry-level manual T-shirt press. In addition, M&R makes the single-printhead Sidewinder Solo manual screen printing presses. They’re also available as vacuum-pallet and oversize screen printing machines.
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  M&R :: Textile Printing :: On-Press M&R's wide variety of on-press equipment reduces demands on the operator while increasing versatility and improving quality and productivity.
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Pallets & Platens for Screen Printing

  Pallets & Platens for Screen Printing | M&R Pallets | Aluminum Pallets | M&R M&R offers pallets and platens for screen printing presses in a wide range of styles and sizes. Specific-use screen printing platens include All-Over Print (AOP) pallets; Double Half-Wing pallets; Jacket Hold-Down pallets; Oversize pallets; Single-Sleeve pallets; Triple Play pallets; and Tru-Blu Ultra-Flat pallets. SureVac vacuum pallet system lets screen printing presses print specialized substrates. Only pallets and platens from M&R meet M&R’s OEM standard for screen printing equipment.
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Screen Cleaning & Rinsing Systems

  Screen Cleaning Systems | Emulsion & Ink Remover | Screen Washout System | M&R M&R’s screen cleaning systems automatically remove emulsion and reclaim silk screens, but also give users the option to remove only screen printing ink. In the process, screen cleaning machines reduce environmental impact and lower operating costs by recirculating silk screen-cleaning chemicals. The entire procedure takes place in a single automatic cycle—and in a single chamber. M&R’s screen cleaning systems are economical to operate and help shops keep screen cleaning & reclaiming areas clean.
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Screen Registration Systems

  Screen Registration Systems | Pre-Registration System | Registration Board | M&R M&R’s Tri-Loc & Double Tri-Loc rapid screen registration systems are the world’s finest pre-registration devices for screen printing presses, reducing screen registration time by up to 95 percent. Tri-Loc screen registration systems are compatible with all M&R screen printing presses, and they’re key components in System Integration™. Unsurpassed simplicity and accuracy make Tri-Loc & Double Tri-Loc the world’s best pre-registration systems for screen printing presses.
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Screen Stretching & Coating Systems

  Screen Stretching System | Screen Coating Machine | Stretcher Units & Devices | M&R M&R’s screen stretching systems and screen coating machines are affordable high performance additions to any screen printing business. The Max Newton screen stretching machine delivers consistent, high-tension screen stretching. It’s an essential piece of screen making equipment for screen printing professionals. With Job Recall and independent front and rear screen coaters, Uni-Kote automatic screen coating machine is M&R’s economical answer to direct emulsion coating.
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Squeegee Blade Sharpening Systems

  Squeegee Blade Sharpening Systems | Squeegee Rubber Sharpener | Printing | M&R M&R’s Squeegee Blade Sharpening Systems make it easy for screen printers to precisely sharpen squeegee blades with a variety of diamond squeegee blade sharpening wheels. Freestanding BladeShaper LC lets the operator walk away during the squeegee blade sharpening process. BladeShaper MC and LC are tabletop mounted. Sharp squeegee blades are essential to high quality screen printing, and M&R’s BladeShapers make it easy for screen printing professionals to maintain their edge.
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Squeegees, Floodbars & Squeegee Systems

  Screen Printing Squeegee Blades | Winged Flood Bars | Squeegee Systems | M&R Squeegees, Floodbars & Squeegee Systems are essential to quality screen printing, and M&R’s squeegee blades and specialized squeegee holders and floodbars help ensure successful screen printing. Winged Floodbars help keep ink under the squeegee and away from the edges of the screen frame. M&R’s Qwik-Klamp squeegee holder clamping system revolutionized squeegee mounting. Squeegee assembly is fast and secure, promoting frequent squeegee and squeegee holder cleaning.
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