Digital Squeegee® Systems

High-Speed Inline Digital Printhead


  • Fully integrate with designated M&R automatic textile presses
  • Allow printers to use conventional inks for white underbase and special effects in combination with high-speed custom digital printing
  • Maximum image size up to 55 x 70 cm (21.7" x 27.6")
  • Some models print full-color, full-sized images in less than five seconds
Digital Squeegee

M&R's high-speed Digital Squeegee (DS) Systems are revolutionizing hybrid screen printing. Prior to the arrival of the Digital Squeegee line, garment decorators had three printing options: screen printing, direct-to-garment (DTG) digital printing, or slow-speed hybrid printing. Screen printing is fast and screen printing ink is relatively inexpensive, but complex multi-color jobs can require time-consuming setup, making it a poor choice for multi-color short runs or one-off prints. Standalone DTG printing requires virtually no setup beyond file ripping, and it's ideal for those scenarios. However, traditional digital print speeds are glacial compared to screen printing; dark shirts require pretreatment; and ink is tremendously expensive in comparison.

Digital Squeegee models, in concert with one of M&R's i-Image CTS (computer-to-screen) imaging or imaging/exposure systems, nearly eliminate the digital portion of pre-press setup. Together, a Digital Squeegee model and an i-Image can reduce the time from digital artwork to imaged screens and print-ready digital files from days to minutes.

In many cases, the overall cost for a job can be comparable to screen printing because of the time saved in setup. With the hybrid process, inexpensive white underbase ink—rather than costly digital ink—can be screen printed. Not only is digital white ink even more expensive than digital color inks, it must be laid down in large quantities. And though digital printer ink can be up to ten times more expensive than screen printing ink, ink price is less of a concern when small image areas are involved. In fact, for relatively short runs, it can be far more cost effective to digitally print some small areas of the artwork on a Digital Squeegee than to go to the time and expense of making and registering additional screens. M&R's Digital Squeegee Systems excel in short runs with many colors and demanding requirements.

Digital Squeegee Systems can print on a wide array of fabrics, including synthetic and performance, and they're compatible with environmentally friendly screen inks like HSA or Urethane inks and water-based digital inks. That means Digital Squeegee Systems can be used with specialty printing effects to expand creative possibilities and increase potential sales. If you need to match a Pantone color in a corporate piece, just separate that color onto another screen and print it with the appropriate ink.

Digital Squeegee inks can be cured in conventional gas convection dryers, and there's a Digital Squeegee model for almost every newer M&R automatic screen printing press. With nearly instantaneous setup process, limitless versatility, and phenomenal print speed, Digital Squeegee Systems aren't just the best digital printheads in their class. They're in a class by themselves.

Hybrid Workflow for M&R Digital Squeegee®

When a Digital Squeegee rips a digital art file, the white underbase separation file can be used on an i-Image, where the operator can generate a screen pre-registered for Tri-Loc's Tri-Sync Registration Pallet. At the same time, the Digital Squeegee System generates a CMYK file for the digital print to be stored in a folder until it's time to run the job.

Digital Workflow
Digital Squeege with Guantlet III

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