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It's a Decoration Celebration!

M&R wants to give acclaim to the very best hybrid printers!
Share your greatest DS-4000™ Digital Squeegee® hybrid prints for a chance to be voted as a world-class hybrid printer with a cash prize!

Enter to win in three easy steps!

  1. Record a short video while you print a great hybrid image on a garment, ideally capturing the printing of the underbase/pre-digital, the digital overprint, and the final garment on the press.

  2. Complete the PDF entry form with your printing details.

  3. Mail the shirt and entry form to M&R (address below), and submit your printing video to
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Digital Squeegee Awards winners logo
Digital Squeegee Awards winners
Digital Squeegee Awards winners logo

We are thrilled to announce the2021 Digital Squeegee Award Winners!

We'd like to thank each and every hybrid printer for being an important part of this vibrant and growing community. We appreciate the care and creativity that is shown in the hybrid prints submitted for a Digital Squeegee Award. While we would like to celebrate each and every submission, the following collection of winning hybrid prints represent a display of advanced technique that reaches new heights in hybrid garment production. Congratulations to all the 2021 Digital Squeegee Award Winners!

Quarter 1: January–March 2021

DS Innovators Award

Culture Studio

Chicago, Illinois |
Culture Studio has been in business since 2008. They are located in the heart of the Chicago Industrial Stock Yards and employs over 80 individuals. Their winning shirt was printed on a DS‑4000 and STRYKER oval automatic printing press. It is a 12" x 12" print.

This winning design was chosen for its combination usage of a Foaming Binder/Puff Base on the bear's fur, High Density Ink, and a Clear Gel special effect on the bear's eyes, nose and snarl to add depth to achieve that "wow" factor of a Digital Squeegee hybrid print! Congratulations to everyone at Culture Studio on winning the Quarter 1 DS Innovators Award!

DS Innovators Award Q1 - Culture Studios

Click on the image to see the full print

Quarter 2: April–June 2021

DS Innovators Award

Coming soon!

DS-4000™ Digital Squeegee® print

DS Production Skills Award

Coming soon!

DS-4000™ Digital Squeegee® print

Thank you to all who entered, and congratulations to those who won!

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About the Award

M&R Printing Equipment, Inc. is super excited to announce the First Annual 2021 Digital Squeegee® Awards! Winning a quarterly DS Award shows that your shop can execute the highest level of technical printing and that you can use the technology in innovative ways to help pave the future of hybrid!

This award contest is open to any printing company in the U.S. that produces hybrid prints using an M&R Digital Squeegee.

DS-4000™ Digital Squeegee® print
DS-4000™ Digital Squeegee®

Award Details

The 2021 DS Awards have multiple ways to win! There are four quarterly DS Awards that have two categories each: The “DS Innovators Award” and the “DS Production Skills Award” for a total of eight possible awards to be won during the year.

The DS Innovators Award is about the creative and innovative use of hybrid printing technology. This award will be presented to those printers who can stretch the boundaries of what the DS can produce. Submissions should include out-of-the-box thinking and extra creativity!

The DS Production Skills Award will honor printers who show an advanced technical understanding how to execute hybrid prints during regular production runs. These entries should represent high-quality, technically-skilled production printing. Note: entries in this category must be able to be used by M&R as promotional content—see the Terms and Conditions listed below.

Each quarter during 2021, the best entries submitted during that quarter will win the quarterly DS Award, and they will be featured on the awards page with the winning entry linked in all M&R’s appropriate social media. If an entry does not win that quarter, it is automatically pushed to compete for the next quarter’s prize until the final judging at the end of 2021.

Here is a break down and timing for each prize:
Q1 DS Innovators Award: $1,000
(Jan. – Mar., all entries in by Mar. 31st)
Q1 DS Production Skills Award: $1,000
(Jan. – Mar., all entries in by Mar. 31st)
Q2 DS Innovators Award: $1,000
(Apr. – Jun., all entries in by Jun. 30th)
Q2 DS Production Skills Award: $1,000
(Apr. – Jun., all entries in by Jun. 30th)
Q3 DS Innovators Award: $1,000
(Jul. – Sep., all entries in by Sep. 30th)
Q3 DS Production Skills Award: $1,000
(Jul. – Sep., all entries in by Sep. 30th)
Q4 DS Innovators Award: $1,000
(Oct. – Dec., all entries in by Dec. 31st)
Q4 DS Production Skills Award: $1,000
(Oct. – Dec., all entries in by Dec. 31st)

Submission Guidelines

Each contest entry must include these three separate parts to qualify as an approved entry:

  1. Entry Form
    A properly completed entry form must be filled out and submitted with a signed waiver. To be approved as an entry the applicant must grant M&R permission for the promotional use of the printed entry image for publicity related to the contest and M&R hybrid printing equipment.

    Entry forms can be filled out digitally or mailed in with your printed sample (Step #2). The entry form can be downloaded here:

    M&R Digital Squeegee Awards Entry Form

    (Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to open the PDF file. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe's website)

    The form is an editable PDF that can be filled out electronically or printed and mailed to M&R. Be sure to "Save" your form after you have filled it out completely, or you will lose your typed information. Electronic entry forms can be emailed to with your documentation video link (Step #3).

  2. Printed Sample
    A printed sample, verified to be created using the Digital Squeegee hybrid printing solution, on a finished apparel product (not a fabric swatch).

  3. Documentation Video
    A short documentation video of the printing method taken from start to finish, ideally capturing the printing of the underbase/pre-digital, the digital overprint, and the final garment on the press. Videos should be hosted on YouTube as Unlisted. Once your video is uploaded, email the video link to

    If you can't submit a video, please capture a few photos of the shirt printing process and email them to This method of photo entry may require additional information prior to submission approval.

How to Submit Your Entry

Completed entry forms can be emailed or shipped with your printed shirt sample. The address to mail your completed form and printed sample is:

M&R Printing Equipment, Inc.
ATTN: Erin Sweem/DS Awards
C/O Digital Department
440 Medinah Road
Roselle, IL 60172-2329

Please email a link to your video, include your entry form as an attachment, and send them to

Timelines for Submission, Judging and Award Announcements

Quarterly Awards – each of the 4 quarterly awards will have all submissions entered for that quarter by the end of the final month for judging and review. Judging takes approximately one week after the end of the quarter. All winner-elects will be contacted directly to verify their eligibility prior to the finalization of the award. Once the winner and their entry is verified and approved, the award will be announced on M&R’s social media, the DS Awards page on, on M&R dealer partner sites, and in industry trade publications.

Who Are the Judges for the Digital Squeegee Awards?

Judges are industry experts in hybrid, digital or screen printing that are chosen for displaying extensive experience in technical evaluation of printing and have a clear understanding of hybrid applications. Judges will be impartial evaluators and must have no affiliation with applicants of DS Awards.

Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria for the DS Awards must evolve with the fast-paced evolution of hybrid printing. The current structure of the DS Awards will be related to the two separate award categories: The “DS Innovators Award” and the “DS Production Skills Award.”

DS Innovators Award Criteria:

  • Creative use of hybrid printing
  • Overall image impact quality
  • Use of art/graphics to support concept
  • Use of any special effects (if applicable)
  • Use of any variable data elements (if applicable)
  • Technical execution of printing
  • Use of alternate printing item or location

DS Production Skills Award Criteria:

  • Registration execution
  • Color matching (if applicable)
  • Digital print integration with underbase print
  • Quality of screen print
  • Quality of digital print
  • Finished product surface quality
  • Underbase printing quality

This is an opportunity to show the world YOUR Digital Squeegee hybrid printing prowess. Let's celebrate high-quality hybrid printing all year long!

Terms and Conditions
Contest open to U.S.-based DS-4000 Digital Squeegee hybrid printers only. All judging decisions are final. By entering the DS Awards, all entries are granting permission for M&R Printing Equipment to use the submitted elements as promotional content from that time forward. Winning entries that wish to be removed from promotional use must submit a request in writing to M&R with a 90-day review. All entries may be denied from entering the contest at M&R’s discretion for any reason. All award images may be discontinued from promotional use per M&R’s discretion for any reason. Winners may be unapproved by M&R Printing Equipment prior to prize allocation and another winner may be chosen at M&R’s discretion.

All costs, taxes, shipping, and related monetary expenses incurred from entering the DS Awards and related to prize acceptance are the sole responsibility of the applicant. All applicants must assume all responsibility from now and in the future for any costs or damages related to the DS Award entry and subsequent promotional process.

For any additional questions contact the M&R marketing dept: