ALPHA 8™ Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press

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  • CE Certified: Built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE)
  • UL Listed: Built to specifications established by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL)
  • Digital microprocessor with self-diagnostics
  • Digital touchscreen control panel with icon-based labeling can display information and commands in multiple languages
  • Independent print-start/print-finish setting automatically activates and stops printheads at the beginning and end of screen printing runs
  • Jog-left/jog-right controls
  • Maintenance Minder™ System alerts operators when scheduled maintenance is due
  • Multiple (1-9) print stroke capability
  • Production speed monitor ensures more accurate job costing
  • Provides control of multi-print functionality
  • Test print setting turns individual printheads on/off during test print cycle
  • Versatile pedestal-mounted control panel
  • 8-Station Base/Drive Module supports up to 4 printheads
  • Built of heavy-duty steel and premium components
  • Design allows users to change the placement of printheads and load/unload stations for custom configurations
  • Expandable in 6-station modules
  • Oval shape takes up less floor space than comparable carousel automatic screen printing presses
  • Printheads and pallet arms provide the stability necessary for exceptional screen print quality
  • Printheads can be added on site as needs change
  • Stations (maximum): 62 on Alpha 8 5070 and 6080 and 50 on Alpha 8 80110
  • Allows quick adjustment of indexing parameters tailored to various pallet sizes
  • Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
  • Multiple-indexing capability allows virtually unlimited load/unload scenarios
  • Servo drive offers multi-index capability
  • Servo drives combine higher screen printing press speeds with exceptional smoothness, consistency, and longevity
  • Calibrated and tool-free four-corner off-contact settings allow fast and accurate screen leveling
  • Automatically prevents the press from screen printing on empty pallets
  • Reduces misprints and minimizes press stoppage because of improperly loaded shirts
  • Precise three-point pallet leveling system
  • Tool-free quick release pallet locks
  • Wider pallet supports provide enhanced stability (Alpha 8 80110)
  • A wide range of pallet sizes complements Alpha 8’s wide-ranging capabilities (Your M&R Representative can help you select the pallet size and type that best fits your needs)
  • Brushless and maintenance-free electric-drive motors deliver smooth screen print strokes and exceptional control
  • Designed to leave the front of the pallet and the pallet arm assembly clear of obstruction, allowing the press to easily handle almost any type of item (Alpha 8 5070 and 6080)
  • Independent print and reset buttons on each printhead
  • Independent print/flood speed controls on each printhead simplify screen printing press setup
  • Lockdown feature provides enhanced stability (Alpha 8 80110)
  • Multi-print without lowering the indexer
  • Printhead high-lift mode simplifies screen loading, unloading, inspection and cleaning
  • Wider print carriage enhances screen print quality (Alpha 8 6080 and 80110)
  • Compatible with M&R’s Tri-Loc® & Double Tri-Loc® Rapid Registration Systems
  • Enhanced front micro-registration adjustments with visual guides
  • Rear micro-registration
  • Unique, innovative pallet registration system offers exceptional accuracy
  • Adjustable rear screen holders accommodate a wide variety of screen sizes
  • Clamping system holds roller frames without special adapters
  • Pneumatic screen clamps facilitate rapid screen loading and deliver excellent stability on a wide variety of screens
  • Angle and calibrated pressure adjustments are independently set
  • Front or rear print carriage stop position allows operator to leave screens clear or flooded (great for water-based inks)
  • Independent squeegee & floodbar speed adjustments
  • Pneumatic squeegee/floodbar locks with tool-free angle adjustment
  • Squeegee air regulator with a pressure gauge on each printhead
  • Calibrated front & rear stroke length with tool-free adjustment maximizes screen printing speed
  • 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
  • Access to M&R’s Training Center
  • Parts & supplies are available online at
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Modules can be ordered with as many—or few—printheads as needed
  • Plug & Print™ modular design provides for virtually limitless expansion in six-station increments
  • Allows indexing of the press using a foot pedal
  • Skip-Shirt foot pedal feature allows operators to avoid screen printing on empty pallets
  • M&R aluminum pallets and platens come in a wide range of sizes and styles
  • M&R’s All-Over-Print (AOP) Pallets give operators oversize and all-over-print capability, and are available in a range of sizes
  • Under-pallet trays designed to gather/protect long-sleeves during indexing

Model Specification

Air @ 6,9 bar (100 psi) 651 l/min (23 cfm)
Electrical Requirements 208/230 V, 3 ph,
45 A, 50/60 Hz, 9 kW
380/415 V, 3 ph,
26 A, 50/60 Hz, 9 kW
Maximum Frame Size (Alternating Printheads) 114 x 109 cm (45" x 43")
Maximum Image Area (Alternating Printheads) 99 x 70 cm (39" x 28")
Maximum Standard Frame Size 66 x 109 cm (26" x 43")
Maximum Standard Image Area 50 x 70 cm (20" x 28")
Overall Size (L x W) 932 x 384 cm (367" x 151")
Servo Drives 1
Shipping Weight 5670 kg (12500 lb)
Stations/Colors 14/10

Customer Reviews

iTa Printing
Tuesday, Jul 3, 2012
Mark SuhadolnikiTa PrintingButler PA, USA
Nothing compares to our Alpha 8. It’s fantastic.

There’s almost no limit on what we can do on that machine. There’s really nothing it can’t print. And it’s reliable. There’s not been one issue since we got it. Nothing. Every day it just runs. And runs.

I have the Alpha 8 8110, the big one. It's a fun press, for lack of a better word; it's a fun press to operate because you're like wow, I'm doing some big stuff on this. And it's cool.

We specialize in all-over prints. I'm running 50" x 53" frames and a 40" print stroke. I had shirts at the show in Long Beach, and people were blown away by what we did on our Alpha 8. We're just doing some fantastic printing. Up to sixteen colors, over the seams of the shirts, the top, the bottom, off each sleeve, everything. It's just working out fantastic.

The registration is spot-on perfect. For doing a print, say 44" by 46" and having perfect registration, considering all your factors, with a screen that big, your tension, everything, we have no issues. The number one thing is to get a quality print out the door, and that's the thing Alpha 8 gives us. When the shirts come off, everything's perfect.

As far as versatility, it's unmatched. It truthfully is. We're kind-of limitless with what we can do on that machine. There's really nothing I can't print. At least nothing I've come across yet—or had a call for.

I love the high-lift on the Alpha 8. What I like about it is, one, I can put a flash anywhere. Depending on what type of applications I'm doing, if I need someone to have a hand on that garment somewhere in the line, you lift it up; it's out of their way. Say you're applying glitter. You can reach into the machine without jeopardizing yourself in any way. As far as cleaning the bottom of the screen, high-lift is amazing. You get thread, lint whatever on the bottom of the screens. With high lift, you just raise it up, wipe it off, lock it back down and, boom, you're done.

It's got all these features like double-indexing, where you really might think, I'm not going to utilize those, but you do. The one huge thing—the same thing the Challenger III has—is individual off-contact on each printhead. Some people may think they don't need it, but we use it all the time. If I'm running a discharge print and I want direct on-contact with my garment to saturate the shirt, and I'm running regular flat inks on top of that, I can set it at one or two, depending on where I want my peel to be. Then, if I'm doing a high-density or specialty suede or something like that with a high-density stencil, I don't have to use shims. I just crank it up to six or seven, and I have the off-contact that I need. That's an awesome feature.

Having owned and run other ovals, Alpha 8 is second to none. There's nothing you can compare it to.
Wednesday, Apr 21, 2010
Arturo Velazquez, Production ManagerHockey ExportprintToluca Edo, MEXICO
We wanted to let you know that the Alpha 8 we bought from your company in December 2009 has exceeded our expectations. The press is extremely versatile. Double and triple indexing is effortless, and individual printhead off-contact is easy to use and very helpful for jobs requiring high-density ink. The ability to lift up any printhead has proven to be extremely beneficial for foil and flock applications. We’ve used Alpha 8’s all-over capability to reach up to one meter in squeegee width. All these features have proven to be tremendously valuable.

Alpha 8’s production yield is phenomenal. We have reached 78 dozen units per hour (9360 units per 10-hour shift) in up to twelve-color designs. The press has been virtually problem-free.

We definitely purchased the best and most cost-effective equipment available. Thanks for making us part of the M&R Team.
Thursday, Apr 8, 2010
Dan Zmuda, PresidentCastle Shirt CompanyKernersville NC, USA
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my decision to update my equipment with M&R machines. In November 2008 I replaced 2 Progressive Falcons with an Alpha 8 and a Gauntlet II.

The Alpha 8 has far exceeded my expectations. I bought the machine based on its versatility. The high lift feature was one of the biggest reasons for our purchase. We were having more and more requests for foiling and flocking. The high lift feature allows an operator to apply foil and flock without the print head being in the way. By having the ability to high lift any print head, we are able to transition from flock to HD inks to flat inks without the use of tools or down time.

Another feature that got my attention was multiple indexing. We recently had a simple 2-color imprint. We set the job up two times on the press and ran 8,900 shirts in 7 hours. I had two loaders and two unloaders on this run at 65 dozen per hour. The overall yield was about 130 dozen per hour. Most of our production runs yield 75 dozen per hour or more and with perfect registration on the Alpha 8. This is something the Falcons were unable to do. We had about 750,000 imprints on our Falcons and the ball-screw indexers were less than smooth running at 60 dozen per hour. With the Alpha 8, our production numbers have increased 20-25% over the Falcons.

Lastly, the Alpha’s jumbo print capabilities have been very impressive.
We run images of 23” x 27” on a regular basis. I can’t tell you how easy it is to set up jumbo images.

The support I have received from M&R has been tremendous. Technicians Todd Petty and Rod Saksa were extremely professional during the installation. They took the time to explain to the staff how this machine worked. Service manager Mike Sonera has also been very professional and helpful. I know that I can call any time of the day and get the tech support I need.

Our business has grown a great deal the past two years and M&R has certainly been a major part of our growth. As we continue to grow, the only machines we will put in production will be M&R. Many thanks to you and your staff for producing the best machines in the industry. I’m glad to be part of the M&R family.

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