M&R’s flocking machines and accessory flocking equipment simplify the application of screen printing flock and the cleanup of excess T-shirt flocking material. M&R flockers make it easy to add tightly-registered multi-color T-shirt flocking capability to most M&R automatic textile presses. M&R’s press-mounted flock vacuum unit eliminates 90% of the T-shirt flock not embedded in the adhesive, and the caster-mounted flock vacuum system removes loose flocking on T-shirts and other screen printed garments.

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The Flock-Vac Automatic Flocking Vacuum System includes the vacuum, hoses, nozzle and mounting hardware

FLOCK-VAC™ Automatic Flocking Vacuum System

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Flock-Vac™ helps get the most out of flocking by minimizing the mess—and reducing the cleanup effort—typically associated with flocking.
Flocker 3000 T-Shirt Flocking Machine

FLOCKER 3000™ Automatic Flocking Machine

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M&R’s Flocker 3000™ makes it easy to add tightly-registered multi-color flocking capability to most M&R automatic textile presses. The standalone unit has a 38 x 43 cm (15” x 17”) or 50 x 70 cm (20” x 28”) flock opening, and accommodates frames of (W x L) 66 x 79 cm (26” x 31”) or 79 x 109 cm (31” x 43”). Flocker 3000 is activated by the print carriage, and it’s compatible with M&R’s print-start/print-finish feature, M&R’s Optical No-Shirt Detector, and M&R’s Skip-Shirt foot pedal. Flocker 3000’s dosing brush is driven by a pneumatic cylinder, with speed settings adjusted by a flow control.
T-SC Flock Vacuum System

T-SC™ Flock Vacuum System

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T-SC™ uses a powerful vacuum system and stiff-bristle brushes to remove loose flocking material from garments after they exit the dryer.

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