GAUNTLET® III Automatic Screen Printing Press

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  • Allows quick adjustment of indexing parameters tailored to various pallet sizes
  • Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
  • Servo drives combine higher screen printing press speeds with exceptional smoothness, consistency, and longevity
  • The capability to double-index in one uninterrupted motion increases production speed in oversize printing
  • CE & UL compliant: Built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE) and Underwriters Laboratories® (UL)
  • UL Listed: Built to specifications established by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL)
  • Automatic Pallet Preheat Mode™ with built-in pallet temperature sensor allows operators to preheat pallets to the desired temperature using any compatible flash cure unit
  • Digital touchscreen control panel with icon-based graphics can display information and commands in multiple languages
  • Independent print-start/print-finish setting automatically activates and stops printheads at the beginning and end of print runs and also enables single pallet test printing
  • Jog-left/jog-right controls
  • Maintenance Minder™ System alerts operators when scheduled maintenance is due
  • Multiple (1-4) print stroke capability
  • Onboard self-diagnostics
  • Production speed monitor ensures more accurate job costing
  • Real-time production speed monitor ensures more accurate job costing
  • Stopwatch feature enables users to capture elapsed time for setup, runtime, shift time, or any other screen printing operation
  • Test print setting turns individual printheads on/off during test print cycle
  • Built of heavy-duty steel and premium components
  • Heavy-duty printheads and pallet arms provide the stability necessary for exceptional screen print quality
  • Electronically adjustable ink retrieval system keeps ink in the print area. See it in action!
  • Assists operators in the precise positioning of garments and cut pieces. See it in action!
  • Speeds pallet positioning and changeover
  • Calibrated tool-free click-stop four-corner off-contact settings allow fast and accurate screen leveling
  • Precise three-point pallet leveling system
  • Solid-aluminum, low-profile, rubber-coated pallets
  • Tool-free quick release pallet locks
  • Brushless, maintenance-free electric-drive motors provide smooth linear movement and exceptional control
  • Independent print and reset buttons on each printhead
  • Independent print/flood speed controls on each printhead simplify screen printing press setup
  • Compatible with M&R’s Tri-Loc® Rapid Registration System
  • Enhanced front micro-registration adjustments with visual guides
  • Rear micro-registration
  • Automatically operates individual printheads in programmed sequence and allows multiple flashing without losing a screen printing position
  • Touchscreen display with simplified programming provides easy setup of the Revolver Sequencing Program
  • Adjustable rear screen holders accommodate a wide variety of screen sizes
  • Clamping system holds roller frames without special adapters
  • Flip-up front screen holders speed setup
  • Pneumatic clamps hold frames tight and allow rapid screen loading
  • Gently lowers the squeegee blade onto the screen mesh when the press is idle
  • Helps prevent thinner water based and discharge inks from flowing into the image area
  • Angle and calibrated pressure adjustments are independently set
  • Digital squeegee/floodbar speed display
  • Front or rear print carriage stop position allows operator to leave screens clear or flooded (great for water-based inks)
  • Independent squeegee & floodbar speed adjustments
  • Park feature facilitates setup and tear-down by simultaneously retracting the squeegee and floodbar and then moving them to the outside edge of the press for easy access
  • Squeegee pressure regulator on each printhead offers exceptional control of print pressure
  • Visual reference marks every 5 degrees simplify squeegee/floodbar angle adjustments
  • Calibrated front & rear stroke length with tool-free adjustment maximizes screen printing speed
  • 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
  • Parts & supplies are available online at
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Heavy-duty reinforced pallet arms with wider pallet mounting brackets for oversize and cut-piece screen printing
  • Enable easy loading of screens more than 71 cm (28”) wide
  • Allows indexing of the press using a foot pedal
  • Skip-Shirt foot pedal feature allows operators to avoid screen printing on empty pallets
  • Automatically prevents the press from screen printing on empty pallets
  • Reduces misprints and minimizes press stoppage because of improperly loaded shirts
  • M&R aluminum pallets and platens come in a wide range of sizes and styles
  • Pneumatic squeegee/floodbar locks with tool-free angle adjustment

Model Specification

Air @ 6,9 bar (100 psi) 481 l/min (17.5 cfm)
Diameter 475 cm (187")
Electrical Requirements 208/230 V, 3 ph, 41 A, 50/60 Hz, 9 kW
380/415 V, 3 ph, 24 A, 50/60 Hz, 9 kW
Maximum Frame Size (Alternating Printheads) 132 x 91 cm (52" x 36")
Maximum Image Area (Alternating Printheads) 114 x 55 cm (45" x 22")
Maximum Standard Frame Size 63.5 x 91 cm (25" x 36")
Maximum Standard Image Area 48 x 55 cm (19” x 22”)
Shipping Weight 3470 kg (7650 lb)
Standard Pallet Size 41 x 56 cm (16" x 22")
Stations/Colors 12/10

Customer Reviews


An amazing high production machine

Sunday, Jun 26, 2022
I have a 16 color and 14 color, these are the workhorse of the shop. I can't say enough good stuff about the press. I have ordered 2 more in 18 color and 10 color. We compared this press with other M&R machines and decided on this again and again because it is very user friendly and put out high quality prints at high production rates. The operators can produce more goods with being less fatigued
Impressionz Printing
Thursday, May 21, 2015
Steve Rhodes, OwnerImpressionz PrintingOrlando FL, USA
We have had our Gauntlet III in production for nearly 3 months and have been thrilled with the machine. We have already put over 120,000 impressions on the machine and it is still going strong. We have found that the individual off-contact for each printhead helps with various printing techniques. It is also a plus to be able to adjust in 1/16” increments when needed. Our first job was a 9-color on dark apparel with a 17” print stroke and one flash. We were able to run the machine comfortably at 920 pieces per hour. The addition of the laser for print placements has saved us valuable time where we used to mark our pallets with a T-Square. The touchscreen interface is very user friendly and easy to make adjustments when needed.

Having a built-in maintenance schedule [M&R’s Maintenance Minder™] for the machine is another perk and allows management to easily assure that the presses are being properly maintained. We have not had any problems to date with the machine but are at ease knowing that all parts that we could ever need are able to be overnighted to us.

Overall, we have seen an increase in our production numbers due to the efficiencies gained with the newest technology on the market. We are able to run as fast as we can clear a screen and dry our underbase.

Simply put, the Gauntlet III is a beast and is built to run 24/7/365.

Exceptional products and outstanding support

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