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Model Specification

Air @ 5,5 bar (80 psi) 57 I/min (2 cfm)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 61 x 41 x 56 cm
(24" x 16" x 22")
Shipping Weight 12 kg (25lb)
Tag Size (Minimum-Maximum) 2.22 x 2.54 cm
(4.375" x 7.5")

Customer Reviews

Mind’s Eye Graphics, Inc
Thursday, Feb 12, 2009
Greg Kitson, PresidentMind’s Eye Graphics, IncDecatur IN, USA
The addition of the LLM 2-head Automatic Tagger has allowed Mind’s Eye Graphics, Inc the ability to offer affordable multiple hang tagging product finishing to all of our clients. We provide this value added service to retail, promotional product, and mass-market customers on a daily basis. Hang tagging allows our customers the opportunity to increase brand awareness while providing POS information to the end user. The fact is that our ability to provide product ID services on a cost effective basis has been a deal maker with many of our clients!

The ROI calculations on the LLM Tagger investment can be measured in a matter of months when compared to hand-tagging operations in today’s highly competitive international market.

Depending on operator proficiency, we are getting between 600-1400 double-tag inserts per hour per machine. The rate varies a great deal according to the quality of the tag, if it is perforated, has a string which tangles, etc. Our best operator with ‘good’ tags can maintain 1300-1500 per hour.

We understand that it is the entire package of products and services that we offer which differentiates us from much of our competition and the LLM Automatic taggers are an important part of those services.
Mind’s Eye Graphics, Inc
Wednesday, Dec 3, 2008
Rob Keuneke, Director of Information TechnologyMind’s Eye Graphics, IncDecatur IN, USA
The LLM Automatic Tagger is an efficient piece of equipment if you are looking at tagging garments quickly without a lot of setup time. We are currently using it to put 2 tags into each garment, and the operator can tag and box the garments faster than an M&R Challenger running at 50-60 dozen per hour.

The tagger has allowed us to allocate our manpower elsewhere instead of having 2-3 people standing and tagging by hand. The tagger is designed to handle many different sized tags, and so far we have not found a tag that will not work.

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