DSCOVER DigitalSqueegee® Hybrid Printing System
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Screen and Digital,

The Digital Squeegee combines the advantages of a screen-printed underbase with the incredible resolution of a digital print, all at high production speeds

M&R’s DS-4000 Digital Squeegee is setting the standard for hybrid printing. At production rates of 400+ prints per hour*, the DS-4000 bridges the gap between direct-to-garment (DTG) printing and screen printing. Since the Digital Squeegee prints on top of a screen-printed underbase, a wide array of fabrics—including synthetic and performance blends—can now be printed digitally, opening the door to new market trends and cost-effective, high-end digital textile imaging.

High-quality prints, low set up time

Complicated artwork can be set up and printed quickly with a minimum of screens and without costly separations or custom ink mixes. The Digital Squeegee prints a high-resolution CMYK image on top of an inexpensive screen-printed underbase on a variety of fabric types. After a quick set up, you'll soon be producing custom digital prints with special effects on cotton and polyester performance fabrics.

Compatible with M&R presses

The DS-4000 is compatible with M&R's Stryker™, Challenger® III, and Gauntlet® III automatic presses. By adding a DS-4000 to an M&R press, you free up additional pallets for a world of endless possibilities. You can print a double underbase, add clear-coating passes, and additional flash cures to ensure your artwork receives the proper setting time and a brilliant appearance. CMYK printing also greatly reduces setup time by removing additional screen preparation, and the associated costs and labor.

Affect your special artwork with special effects

Hybrid prints can be embellished with specialty printing effects before or after the digital print, expanding creative possibilities by blending the best attributes of screen printing with the ease and detail of digital imaging. Take your artwork up to the next level with specialty inks, and make a good design a memorable design.

Evolve your printing options with the DS-4000 Digital Squeegee

The DS-4000 Digital Squeegee is a popular and impressive way to increase the printing possibilities that you can offer to your customers. When color reproduction becomes paramount, you can count on the DS-4000's digital output to produce a brilliant print at production speeds, with no sacrifice of quality, cost or time.


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*Production rates can vary depending on image size and screen printing press variables, your rate may be different. This rate is an estimated average production speed, based on related variables. The suggested rate does not imply a guarantee of production rate.