FREE SHIPPING on M&R HotHead orders through July 31, 2018!

Why Choose HotHead?

  • Mats down fabric fibers for better quality prints and less fibrilation
  • Smooths underbase prints for better detail on top / over prints
  • Improves printability of lower quality & rough garment surfaces
  • Compatible with all M&R automatic presses
  • Easy to install and remove

How does it work?


The M&R HotHead Fabric Compression System dramatically improves the printing surface of textiles. It mounts in any print head of your M&R Press and works with one of two heat modules: the HotHead Roller™ applies heat and pressure using a rolling cylinder, and the HotHead Flatiron™ applies heat and pressure by gliding a flat heating element across the substrate. Both heating elements can be used with the screen­mounted Teflon Sling for added functionality.

What are the options?

HotHead Roller

HotHead Roller

The HotHead Roller allows for compression of printed inks to smooth the printed surface so maximum detail is maintained for additional printing.

HotHead FlatIron

HotHead FlatIron

In one stroke, the HotHead Flatiron uses heat and pressure to mat down fabric fibers, providing the flattest possible surface for brighter screen prints with more detail and less fibrillation.

HotHead Sling

Teflon Sling

The Teflon Sling allows for a "stick"free surface so the iron can smooth over printed surfaces without smearing or damaging the print. It may also be used to help mat down shirt fibers prior to printing.

  • Each HotHead comes with a Control Box and a Roller or Flatiron
  • The same Control Box will run either one Flatiron or one Roller
  • A Telflon Sling is a must have when smoothing printed surfaces

*Offer includes any HotHead accessories purchased at the time of initial order (Sling, Roller, Flat Iron). This offer for free shipping is available in the continental US only. All orders must be placed with M&R or participating dealers by July 31st, 2018.