M&R Introduces the Amscomatic AB-9000 Automatic Bagging/Sealing Machine

Glen Ellyn, IL, USA—M&R is pleased to introduce the Amscomatic AB-9000 Automatic Bagging/Sealing Machine.

Post-press product finishing is a largely untapped revenue source—and an important option to offer customers who insist on high-quality product presentation. Helping fill that need is Amscomatic’s new AB-9000 high-speed Automatic Bagger/Sealer. It quickly pays for itself by streamlining the bagging process, eliminating costly, inefficient manual bagging and sealing. The AB-9000 can seal more than 15 roll-fed bags per minute, and is capable of processing bag sizes up to 41 x 56 cm (16" x 22"). The AB-9000‘s color touchscreen control center tracks productivity, including bags-per-minute/hour and production rates for each job. M&R’s Job Recall™ feature stores job data that can be recalled for similar and repeat runs. The control center also includes machine diagnostics and can be electronically linked to many Amscomatic automatic folding machines to create a fully automatic folding/bagging/sealing system. There is simply no better way to give garments and other products the high-quality finish they deserve.

Designed for ease of operation and maintenance, the AB-9000 offers automatic bag threading for fast, easy setup and changeover. The servo-motor bag-drive system maximizes productivity with high-speed bag feeding and precise bag placement. The infeed chute uses a simple slide-and-lock mechanism to tailor the width of the chute to the width of the product. The multi-belt/pinch roller bag-web drive system holds the web securely and maintains a constant position for precise product loading and accurate sealing. The removable synchronized bag deflator eliminates excess air to give the final product a clean, attractive appearance. Although the sealing mechanism is completely enclosed during operation, the Plexiglas cover allows easy viewing of the sealing process for quick adjustments. Compact, affordable, and able to handle bags of varying dimensions, AB-9000 improves bagging efficiency by reducing labor costs and increasing throughput.

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To see video of AB-9000 in action, click here.

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