M&R Introduces the New i-Image S Computer-to-Screen (CTS) Imaging System

Roselle, IL, USA—M&R is pleased to introduce the new i-Image S Computer-to-Screen (CTS) Imaging System.

M&R’s i-Image S features the same software, printhead, output quality, and image area as the groundbreaking i-Image ST-36-1, but with a smaller footprint, exceptional pricing, and the ability to image up to 100 screens per shift, it’s the ideal choice for small-to-medium size print shops. i-Image S quickly generates opaque images up to 20” x 26” on screen frames up to 26” x 36”. And it’s designed to fit through an 81 cm (32") doorway.

i-Image S includes computer, monitor, and proprietary software that give operators complete control of print parameters, producing high-quality screen images at production-level speed. To optimize productivity, every CTS-generated screen is pre-registered for M&R’s Tri-Loc. And M&R’s Tri-Sync™ System helps ensure perfect screen alignment on Tri-Loc registration frames by confirming when the screen is properly positioned for imaging.

i-Image S also uses specially-formulated water-based UV-blocking ink and advanced high-resolution computer-to-screen inkjet printer technology to quickly generate opaque images on emulsion-coated screens. CTS images are superior to traditional film positives, delivering greater detail and smoother halftone transitions. i-Image Series systems eliminate the need for costly film positives, as well as the space and labor required to store and retrieve them. Because the image information is digital, it’s easy to store and quick to retrieve.

M&R’s i-Image Series is the most popular and versatile line of computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging and imaging/exposure systems in the industry. The i-Image Series includes the flagship i-Image STE I CTS imaging/exposure system, the i-Image S and i-Image ST imaging-only systems, the oversize i-Image X imaging-only system, and the i-Image XE CTS imaging/exposure system. In short, there’s an i-Image system to suit virtually every requirement. M&R’s i-Image Series imaging systems and all-in-one computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging and UV LED exposure systems will revolutionize your screen room. Once you’ve experienced M&R’s i-Image Series, you won’t be satisfied with anything less.

For additional information or to download a brochure in PDF format, click here.

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