M&R Acquires Novus Imaging

Roselle, IL, USA—The M&R Companies are pleased to announce the acquisition of Novus Imaging.

The New Hampshire-based company is a highly-regarded manufacturer of digital printing equipment. Novus Imaging products include the large-format ULTRA flatbed LED printer, the SYNERGIA hybrid flatbed & roll-to-roll UV printer, and the PICTORA high-speed digital board production UV Printer.

The acquisition process began with a Novus inquiry about M&R’s excess manufacturing capacity. When M&R expanded in 2015, it purchased a facility with ample room for future expansion and populated it with robotic equipment capable of supporting the manufacture of myriad products.

According to Mike Mills, President & CTO of Novus Imaging, it was the growing demand for Novus products that led them to reach out to M&R. Said Mills, “We were aware of M&R’s recent expansion, so I contacted CEO Rich Hoffman to see if M&R would be interested in helping us fill that need. However, we quickly realized that a far greater opportunity might be awaiting our two companies.”

In recent years, M&R had expanded into computer-to-screen imaging with the i-Image Series and into direct-to-garment digital printing with the M-Link line, and, according to Hoffman, “We were already looking at ways to incorporate inkjet printing into our graphics and industrial printing line, but we weren’t expecting a fortunate event like Mike’s call to lead us there.”

Hoffman and Mills anticipate that the combination of M&R’s size, manufacturing capacity, and worldwide sales and service network will dovetail seamlessly with Novus Imaging’s expertise in large-format imaging. “In fact, it seems appropriate that one of our flagship printers is named Synergia given the synergy we expect from this venture,” said Mills.

Hoffman concurred, saying, “We’re looking forward to combining our manufacturing, service, and sales resources with Novus Imaging to provide greater access to equipment and enhanced levels of service and support for current and future Novus customers.”

Novus will make its first trade show appearance as part of the M&R Companies in Booth 1968 at ISA International Sign Expo 2017 on April 20-22 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Said Mills, “Product specialists from both teams will be at the show to discuss Novus and M&R products and services. Needless to say, we are looking forward to our first opportunity to present the face of the combined companies.”

For information about the M&R/Novus exhibit, email info@novusimaging.com. For information about the ISA International Sign Expo 2017, click here.

Additional information about Novus Imaging can be found at www.novusimaging.com.

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