M&R Introduces the TimeSaver™ Pallet

Roselle, IL, USA—The M&R Companies are pleased to introduce the TimeSaver Pallet.

M&R’s TimeSaver™ Adjustable Pallet System (patent pending) is an elegant solution to a persistent problem: having to change pallets to accommodate different shirt sizes. Using standard-size or smaller pallets to print extra-large garments can result in those garments being creased, dragged on the floor, or caught on the press or items stored under the press. Centering large garments on small pallets is time consuming and prone to misprints. TimeSaver Pallets save time by speeding up the centering process, and they virtually eliminate the loading problems inherent with large garments.

TimeSaver Pallets have dual U-shaped retractable centering rods attached to the underside of the pallet. When printing larger garments, the operator can pull those rods out from below the pallet face until the distance between the outside edge of the centering rods is wide enough to accommodate the substrate. Each centering rod has a series of built-in notches to make it easy to ensure that the distance extended from each side of the pallet is the same. As long as the print area fits the confines of the pallet face there is no need to change to larger pallets. And when operators no longer need the footprint provided by the centering rods, it’s simply a matter of pushing them in until they disappear under the pallet face. TimeSaver Pallets are made of solid aluminum for light weight and long life. TimeSaver centering rods are made of stainless steel.

The TimeSaver Pallet will debut at SGIA 2017 in New Orleans. A downloadable product brochure in PDF format will be available soon after the show.

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