M&R Offers Miami Screen Printing Essentials Course - September 28-29, 2018

M&R Offers Miami Screen Printing Essentials Course - September 14-15, 2018
Roselle, IL, USA — The M&R Companies are pleased to offer a two-day course in basic screen printing, Screen Printing Essentials, at the company’s branch office in Miami, Florida. 

“These courses have become very popular and we’re excited to be able to offer small-shop and new automatic press owners a course dedicated to providing a solid understanding of basic screen printing techniques and practices,” said Andrea Bardenheuer, M&R’s director of Latin America Sales. 

The course will cover artwork, screen registration, screen making, screen cleaning, manual printing (hands on), automatic printing (hands on), garment curing, and shop layout. Details can be found below. 

Training will be conducted by M&R’s Patrick Lashbrook. He and Dru Dalton co-founded Real Thread, which specialized in water-base printing. Patrick subsequently joined M&R as a digital specialist, training customers on M&R’s computer-to-screen (CTS) equipment. Later, he began training customers in the U.S. and Central America on basic and advanced screen printing techniques. Currently, Patrick is one of M&R’s regional sales managers in the Southeast, and he continues to train customers in that region. 

Glen Carliss, head of M&R sales in the Eastern United States, said, “Patrick combines a wealth of knowledge with years of practical experience and a passion for teaching virtually every aspect of screen printing. The people he has trained invariably praise Patrick’s ability to simplify the most complex issues and to impart the tips and tricks that increase their shops’ quality and productivity. It’s an especially valuable course for those who aren’t content to learn by trial and error.” 

The hands-on course will be held Friday and Saturday, September 28th and 29th. The course fee is $299.00. Lunch will be provided both days. 

Seating is limited, so reserve your spot at the first opportunity. 

For further information—or to reserve a seat—please email Andrea Bardenheuer at andrea.barden@mrprint.com

Download the brochure for the M&R Screen Printing Essentials Course here.

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The expected course itinerary is shown below.

M&R’s Screen Printing Essentials Course 

Day One 

  • Proper film output
  • Choking underbase 
  • Registration marks and job information on film 
  • Keeping printing in mind when designing artwork 

Tri Loc Registration
  • How it works
  • What comes with the kit
  • Lining up film correctly with a loupe (hands on)
  • Burning screen in Tri-Loc master frame
  • How to double check work before going to press
Screen Making
  • Mesh counts and different thread types, and understanding mesh guides
  • Achieving proper tension Coating (hands on) and what EOM means for print
  • Differences in emulsions (photopolymer/ dual cure) and what that means for exposure
  • Differences between conventional and LED exposure
  • Determining proper exposure time using an exposure calculator
  • Washing out images What to look for to make sure you have a proper screen
  • Taping and checking screens before moving them to the press

Screen Cleaning (Presented by Bill Christianson of Easiway Systems)
  • Proper screen mesh preparation (hands on)
  • Cleaning screens on press properly for successful reclamation
  • Reclaim procedures and the critical importance of the worst job in the shop
  • Drying screens properly to limit flaws
  • Comparing dip tank, spray bottle, and automated screen cleaning

Day Two

Manual Screen Printing (hands on)
  • Achieving proper off-contact Printing white ink on dark fabrics with one screen
  • Flashing Push and pull technique
  • Wet-on-wet printing
  • Multi-color printing 

Automatic Screen Printing (hands on)
  • Tri-Loc setup Variables for white base (speed, angle, pressure, durometer )
  • T vs. S thread mesh for white base
  • Laying ink on top of shirts 
  • Using M&R’s HotHead to smooth out base
  • Wet-on-wet printing on light and dark fabrics
  • Sim process printing 
  • Ink choices for different substrates 

Curing Garments
  • Correct temperatures for substrates and inks on electric dryers
  • Wash test to insure proper cure
  • Gas vs. electric dryers
  • Dye migration: what it is and how to avoid it 

Shop Layout
  • Workflow
  • Keeping the dirty away from the clean\
  • Screen room basics

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