M&R Introduces the Starlight UV LED Screen Exposure System

Glen Ellyn, IL, USA—M&R is pleased to announce the addition of Starlight to M&R’s line of screen exposure systems.

Starlight is NuArc’s versatile and affordable tabletop or stand-mounted UV LED screen exposure unit, and it’s available in two sizes: one capable of exposing screen frames up to 58 x 79 cm (23” x 31”) and another capable of exposing screen frames up to 79 x 102 cm (31" x 40"). With its convenient and economical approach to direct screen exposure, Starlight is the perfect unit for small-to-medium-size screen printing shops, and it's ideal for small screen printers looking to upgrade from UV fluorescent screen exposure units. Starlight 2331 is perfect for small and startup shops, while Starlight 3140 makes it easy for medium-size shops to quickly process larger screens and higher volume. Starlight's UV LEDs save energy costs, reduce screen exposure time, speed up production, and operate at far lower temperatures than metal-halide lamps. And, unlike expensive metal-halide bulbs that require replacement every year or two, Starlight's UV LED light source can last for decades. In fact, M&R is so confident in the longevity of Starlight's screen-exposure LEDs that it backs them with a limited lifetime warranty against failure in normal use.

Starlights quickly expose direct, capillary, and indirect emulsions. They work particularly fast on photopolymer emulsions, which can be exposed in as little as three to five seconds (results will vary based on emulsion type and thickness). The specially designed vacuum system features high-speed drawdown, and Starlight's LED timer with digital readout ensures accurate exposures. Starlight UV LED screen exposure units can be located in areas housing unexposed screens because the ultraviolet light source and vacuum frame are enclosed, and the screen exposure lamp can't be turned on while the blanket frame is open. Starlight also incorporates several strips of yellow, non-exposing LED inspection lights for convenient setup. If you're looking for blazingly fast quality exposures at an unbelievably affordable price, you'll find it all in the Starlight.

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