M&R’s i-Image STE II Chosen Pre-Press Product of the Year at SGIA 2014

Glen Ellyn, IL, USA— M&R is pleased to announce that i-Image STE II was recognized as the Product of the Year in the Pre-Press category at the 2014 SGIA Expo.The competition at SGIA recognized “the latest equipment and supplies currently on the market that are advancing the specialty imaging industry.”

“This recognition by SGIA is extremely gratifying,” said Geoff Baxter, Director of M&R’s Digital Products Division. “Our development team spent countless hours creating these groundbreaking imaging and exposure systems.” Baxter pointed out that the ability to digitally create images—and expose them—in a single machine dramatically improves productivity and eliminates the need for a separate, dedicated exposure unit. “The revolutionary nature of these machines is borne out by the huge interest—and record-setting orders—these units have generated,” he continued.

M&R’s i-Image STE and STE II are the world’s first all-in-one computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging and UV LED exposure system (patents pending). On the inward pass, they use specially-formulated water-based UV-blocking ink and advanced high-resolution CTS inkjet printer technology to quickly generate opaque images on emulsion-coated screens. On the outward pass, the built-in high-output scanning UV LED light source exposes the emulsion, producing screens that can be taken directly to washout.

i-Image STE II has all the imaging and exposure features and capabilities of i-Image STE but adds a secondary UV LED light source after the inward pass for ultra-fast exposures. The secondary light source dramatically accelerates the exposure of dual-cure and other slower-exposing emulsions. i-Image STE II can be used with either exposure method or with both exposure methods in the same imaging/exposure cycle.

Left to right: Rich Hoffman, M&R CEO; Alex Mammoser, Digital Products Sales Manager; Geoff Baxter, Director, Digital Products Division

i-Image STE is available in two sizes and three printhead configurations. i-Image STE 36 models process image areas up to 51 x 58 cm (20" x 23") and accept most screen frames up to 66 x 91 cm (26" x 36"). i-Image STE 43 models process image areas up to 51 x 76 cm (20" x 30") and accept most screen frames in sizes up to 66 x 109 cm (26" x 43"). Both i-Image STE 36 and i-Image STE 43 are available with one, two, or three industrial printheads. One-printhead models can image and expose up to 150 screens per 8-hour shift; two-printhead models can image and expose up to 250 screens per shift; and three-printhead models can image and expose up to 350 screens per shift. In fact, three-printhead models can generate and expose full-size images in less than a minute (Note: some dual-cure and other slower-exposing emulsions may extend the time required for the outward pass).

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