M&R Is Moving!

Glen Ellyn, IL, USA—M&R is pleased to announce that its corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations are being moved from Glen Ellyn and Niles, Illinois, USA to a new location in the Greater Chicago area.

The relocation to a 320,000 square-foot facility in Roselle, Illinois is already under way and will be completed by the end of the year. However, M&R’s Glen Ellyn and Niles manufacturing plants will continue to run at full capacity until the move to Roselle is complete.

In making the announcement, M&R CEO Rich Hoffman said the move is the result of years of planning and preparation. “While demand for M&R equipment has continued to accelerate, the amount of space available to make that equipment has stayed the same. This move affords us the unique opportunity to streamline production and introduce new computerized and robotic design, machining, and assembly tools. It also allows us to bring all our domestic production under one roof—and still have ample room for future expansion.”

That new equipment includes a large laser cutter and multiple CNC milling machines.

“We’ve been bursting at the seams for years,” said Mike Sonera, M&R’s general manager. “M&R’s current production facilities are streamlined and efficient, but we’ve been constrained by lack of space and by having manufacturing operations split between our Glen Ellyn and Niles facilities. It’s been difficult at times, but the new facility will bring economies of scale, space for more linear assembly scenarios, and the latest in high-tech equipment—while at the same time reducing the redundancy inherent in our current multi-facility environment.”

M&R’s manufacturing capacity is expected to double by January 1, 2016. Said Hoffman, “The increase in floor space, coupled with an infusion from new investors, will equip M&R to address the screen printing and digital imaging & printing needs of the industry for decades to come.”

Corporate headquarters will remain at M&R’s Glen Ellyn facility until later this year, and manufacturing will continue in Glen Ellyn and Niles throughout much of the transition. A subsequent release will be sent when the transition is complete. At that point M&R’s new corporate address will be:

The M&R Companies

440 Medinah Road

Roselle, IL 60172

About M&R

M&R is the world's largest manufacturer of screen printing equipment, with production facilities in Roselle, Illinois, USA, and in Wojnicz, Poland. With distributors and skilled technicians in over 40 countries on six continents, we're able to provide the finest service and support in the industry.

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