Novus Printer Technology

Novus Imaging, along with our development partner Redwood Technologies, understands that keeping pace with current technologies along with developing our own advanced systems is key to giving our clients the edge they need in today's marketplace.

While our competitors are shifting more and more manufacturing to overseas suppliers to maximize their margins, we firmly believe that the right solution is to keep the design and manufacturing right here in the United States.

Towards these ends, Novus Imaging is proud to offer innovative wide-format printing systems that help our customers' businesses grow by increasing their profit margins through the following:


  • Novus Imaging customers are realizing up to a 50% reduction in ink usage over standard binary drop printers. Our true greyscale dynamic variable drop technology provides ink savings and eliminates the need for light inks.
  • The Dimatix Q-class and Ricoh Gen5 print heads, that Novus uses in its printers, when combined with dynamic variable drop greyscale jetting technology, deliver highly accurate, variable drop jetting with just CMYK ink without affecting the print productivity. Dynamic variable drop greyscale technology utilizes the high frequency response of the print heads. It does this by activating the piezoelectric element with waveform pulses of varying amplitude to produce measured amounts of ink which is pumped into a single drop before the droplet leaves the nozzle. This capability is used to form variable size drops with no compromise in jetting productivity and delivering near photographic image quality.

Greyscale Technology PDF


  • The Hot Folder Queuing feature allows images to be placed in the hot folder and queued directly to the continuous print mode for greater productivity.
  • The revolutionary RW Warp Engine on the Synergia and the new RW Lycos Print Engine on the Ultra provide some of the fastest square foot output in the industry – all with full greyscale quality.
  • Auto loader/unloader on the Pictora accommodates materials up to 24" x 36" in size, up to 24" in stack height, and up to 150 lbs. in weight. Designed to run unattended for as long as the loader has material and the buffer has images.
  • Novus' Backlit Print Mode takes advantage of our latest advancements in digital imaging for this special application. Our new technology produces amazing backlit prints in less then half the time of traditional multi-layer printing.



  • Synergia's, patented Tri-Lobal Media Belt System provides enhanced material handling and increased vacuum.
  • Continuous monitoring for any media obstruction that may strike and damage the print heads along with automatic print gap control.
  • Ultra's patent-pending, revolutionary new vacuum table system eliminates the need for manual masking.

Tri-Lobal Media Belt System PDF


  • Our printers come standard with a built-in server with Internet access to get you the service you need when you need it.
  • Comprehensive on-board and remote diagnostics enable quick and easy resolution to most production questions.


  • In the wide-format print industry one of the things that brings the most confusion is the process used to estimate and measure print speeds of conceptual designs and finished products. Our development partner Redwood Technologies has prepared a document that brings truth and light to this process. We feel strongly that accurate print and throughput speeds are important to the integrity of the development and sales process. Read the Print Speeds Benchmarking Report PDF.

Print Speeds Benchmarking Report PDF