International Sign Association - Orlando

  • VenueOrange County Convention Center
  • Location9400 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, USA
  • Event TypeNovus
M&R's Novus Imaging Division will be bringing three digital printers to Booth 1006 at the International Sign Expo in Orlando, Florida on March 22-24, 2018: the Ultra 3200 Roll-to-Roll printer, the Ultra Flatbed Printer, and the Textura 1800 Dye Sublimation Printer. Printers in the Novus line offer the best price-to-performance ratios in the industry.

M&R will have show specials on the Ultra 3200 4-color (CMYK) and 5-color (CMYK+W) roll-to-roll printers, the Ultra Flatbed printer, and the Synergia hybrid printer. The show-special price on the 4-color CMYK Ultra 3200 is $150,000 and the show-special price on the 5-color CMYK+W is $170,000. Special pricing on the Ultra Flatbed and the Textura 1800 will be announced at the show. Ultra 3200 uses advanced low-temperature UV LED curing and sophisticated ink technology, delivering high speeds of 1,000 sf/hour and 1,500 sf/hour with true four-level greyscale printing on substrates up to 3.2 meters (126") wide.

M&R's Novus Ultra large-format flatbed printer is available with 1, 2, or 3 printheads and features auto-masking and outstanding greyscale print quality to deliver extraordinary prints at an exceptional price. Advanced UV LED curing and ink technology deliver low-temperature curing and reliability without sacrificing print speed, color gamut, ink adhesion, or media versatility.

Textura 1800 is designed for unattended roll-to-roll high-speed transfer dye-sublimation printing in four-color CYMK and true grayscale at resolutions up to 1200 dpi. It’s capable of printing substrates 1.8 meters (70”) wide at high-productivity speeds up to 140 square meters (1500 square feet) per hour and at sustained production speeds up to 120 square meters (1300 square feet) per hour. Batch-queueing allows the system to be loaded with files for unattended non-stop printing of unrelated jobs.

Synergia is a patent-pending 3.2 meter (126") grand-format combination flatbed and roll-to-roll printer. It boasts speeds of up to 1475 square feet of high-quality images per hour. That's not a meaningless draft speed; it's everyday production speed. And with the addition of the new patented RW Warp Engine™, production speeds have doubled to up to 2950 square feet per hour. Synergia delivers brighter, more vibrant colors and has a wider color gamut than other UV solutions on the market. It provides full greyscale imaging for exceptional photorealistic quality and flawless continuous tone printing with its 10-30pl variable-drop technology. And because it utilizes full greyscale technology, Synergia can use up to 30-50% less ink than competitive systems for the same file, making it the first grand-format digital printer to approach screen printing costs per square foot.

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