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Screen Imaging & Exposure Package


Starlight key features include:

  • Maximum screen frame size 58 x 79 cm (23" x 31")
  • High-output UV LEDs produce fast, inexpensive screen exposures at cooler operating temperatures
  • The high density of M&R's screen-exposure LEDs provides the finest detail, the most uniform coverage, and the quickest exposures available
i-Image S

i-Image S key features include:

  • Processes image areas up to 51 x 66 cm (20" x 26")
  • Uses computer-to-screen inkjet printer technology to quickly generate opaque images on emulsion-coated screens
  • i-Image S can generate up to one-hundred full-size images per eight-hour shift

Discount Package Price Includes:


Computer-to-Screen (CTS) Imaging System

  • Tri-Sync Pallet
  • Pallet Arm Stop Block
  • Pallet Hanger


UV LED Screen Exposure System

  • Stand
  • CTS Kit

Crating, Shipping & Installation included with this special package price!

This offer is valid in the United States and Canada and expires on September 30, 2017. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.