Digital Screen Room


Coat, Image, Expose, and Rinse Pre-Registered Screens

Watch M&R's Digital Screen Room in Action

Fast, high-quality screen printing starts with high-quality screens, and M&R’s Digital Screen Room concept is dedicated to dramatically reducing screen-production time while making substantial improvements to image quality and consistency.


Coat screens with

Uni-Kote™ provides a reliable, low-cost option for automating screen coating. The computerized control center, conveniently mounted at the side of the screen coating machine, makes programming simple. Uni-Kote’s front and rear screen coaters can apply emulsion in tandem or independently, allowing operators to coat each side of the screen separately, both sides simultaneously, or just one side. M&R’s Job Recall™ allows users to save up to five screen coating jobs for added convenience and quick changeover.

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i-Image STE I

Image & Expose screens with

Image STE I™ computer-to-screen imaging and exposure system uses M&R’s TriSync™ alignment feature (U.S. Patent Pending) to quickly register screens and generate images on the inward pass. i-Image STE I then exposes the emulsion with a flatbed UV LED light source. This combination of imaging and exposure in one machine dramatically reduces the time and effort required to prepare images for screen printing.

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Rinse Screens with

M&R’s Eco-Rinse™ automates the tedious process of rinsing exposed screens while ensuring consistency and reducing the chance of unintentionally blowing out exposed images. Manually-processed screens often require follow-up rinsing because of incomplete or inadequate processing due to operator fatigue, boredom, or inadequate training. Processing can also vary from one operator to the next. Those problems are eliminated with the consistent screen rinsing available with the Eco-Rinse automatic screen rinsing system.

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Tri-Loc Rapid Registration System

Register Exposed Screens with
TRI-LOC Rapid Registration System

Since every CTS-generated screen is automatically pre-registered for M&R’s Tri-Loc® registration system, on-press registration is blazingly fast. Users simply mount the Tri-Loc Tri-Sync™ pallet (Patent Pending) to the press and move it to each printhead, pulling the screen frames into contact with the pallet until the Tri-Sync™ alignment feature’s LEDs indicate that the screens are in registration at all three stop points

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More Options and More Productivity

Other models in the i-Image Series include the i-Image S™, the i-Image ST™, the i-Image X™, and the i-Image XE™.

The three-printhead i-Image XE (US Patent Pending. European Patent Application No. 14721111.4) is ideal for imaging and exposing oversize screens as well as for exposing multiple textile screens simultaneously. Maximum screen size is 152 x 152 cm (60" x 60") and maximum image area is 132 x 132 cm (52" x 52").

i-Image S, i-Image ST, and i-Image X have all the imaging features and capabilities of i-Image STE I and i-Image XE, but without exposure capability. i-Image ST is available with one, two, or three printheads, and it has maximum image areas of 51 x 66 cm (20" x 26") or 51 x 76 cm (20" x 30"). The three-printhead i-Image X has a maximum image area of 132 x 132 cm (52" x 52"). The single-printhead i-Image S has a maximum image area of 51 x 66 cm (20" x 26"). It’s perfect for screen printers who process fewer than 100 screens per 8-hour shift.

What can an i-Image do for your business?

Here's what Fred Gray, owner of Rocky Coast Printworks in Dover, New Hampshire, had to say:

"With i-Image STE and Tri-Loc, we can print and expose an image in 40 seconds—and have it washed out and registered on the press in less than 8 minutes. It isn't a machine, it's a system. It's revolutionized the way we make screens, and it alone made it possible for us to add a second shift. It's one of the best pieces of equipment we've bought in a long time."

Coupled with M&R's Tri-Loc Registration Sytem and M&R manual and automatic presses, M&R's Digital Screen Room is the fastest way to get from concept to completion. Users can coat screens with Uni-Kote, image and expose those screens on i-Image STE I, and rinse them out with Eco-Rinse. Because screens exit i-Image STE I, STE, and ST units pre-registered for Tri-Loc’s Tri-Sync™ pallet (Patent Pending), on-press registration is blazingly fast.

Nowhere are the benefits better illustrated than in this video showing how M&R's Digital Screen Room equipment makes it possible for a single operator to coat, image, expose, and rinse 400 pre-registered screens in 8 hours.

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