Direct to Garment T-Shirt Printing

If you’re a screen printer, embroiderer, or other garment-decorating professional interested in the world of Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing, there is no better companion than M&R’s MAVERICK™ Industrial High-Speed DTG Printing System. As an industry leader in screen printing, M&R is focused on implementing and integrating all viable technologies to further the garment decorating industry—and the MAVERICK is just one of the innovative products leading the way.

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Polaris™ Industrial High-Speed Direct to Garment Printing System

POLARIS™ Industrial High-Speed Direct to Garment Printing System

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The Polaris™ Industrial High-Speed DTG Printing System combines modern-day screen printing ideals with recent advancements in digital ink delivery. Based on M&R’s popular automatic carousel press technology and paired with two of M&R’s proven digital printheads, the Polaris produces just-in-time DTG prints with few operators required. An onboard pretreatment station reduces setup time and touches, and the dedicated white and CMYK digital print stations produce vivid, bold prints.
MAVERICK™ Industrial High-Speed DTG Printing System

MAVERICK™ Industrial High-Speed DTG Printing System

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The Maverick™ exemplifies M&R’s commitment to future technologies in the garment decoration process. With an emphasis on print quality and speed, M&R set out to build a leading class, industrial-grade DTG printer.

Featuring a dual-shuttling platform that allows independent pallet shuttling based on the operator’s needs, the Maverick can print images one-off or as multiple copies, and produce them in an array of shirt color combinations. Two digitally controlled heat presses use air cylinders to flatten garment fibers and heat the surface prior to printing.

With fast print speeds, expanded color gamut and rugged construction, the Maverick is designed and manufactured with the same commitment to quality and exacting standards that has made M&R an industry leader for over 30 years.

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