Flash Cure Units

From value-priced infrared flash cure units for manual screen printing presses to triple-zone instant-on quartz flash cure units for automatic screen printing presses, M&R has a flash cure system for every application and every budget. Some M&R flash cure units can automatically shut off the flash when the substrate reaches operator-set temperature and some flash cure systems can be electronically linked together on the same press for multiple-flash unit curing.

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Blu-Flash Infrared Flash Cure Unit

BLU-FLASH™ Infrared Flash Cure Unit

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M&R’s Blu-Flash™ is an unbelievably affordable infrared flash cure system. It features a powerful infrared radiant panel for rapid, consistent curing performance and outstanding durability. A variable-percentage (1-100) power control allows adjustment of the curing temperature, and the sturdy, lightweight stand provides easy positioning and superior portability in screen printing shops.
Reno HW Infrared Flash Cure Unit

RENO HW™ Infrared Flash Cure Unit

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Reno HW™ is M&R’s most economical infrared flash cure unit for automatic screen printing presses. Its press-mounted shuttle design delivers smooth, dependable operation in a sleek, compact package. Reno HW’s digital temperature controller delivers accurate results, and its optional floor stand turns it into a multi-use flash cure unit that will suit the needs of many screen printing shops. With higher wattage for faster curing, Reno HW is an ideal infrared flash cure unit for M&R automatic screen printing presses.
Red Chili DX Quartz Flash Cure Unit

RED CHILI DX™ Quartz Flash Cure Unit

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The freestanding Red Chili DX™ quartz flash cure system has numerous sophisticated features that can be operated directly from newer compatible M&R presses (Challenger III, Gauntlet III & Stryker). Those features include flash duration, power level, temperature sensor, and programmed individual multi-function settings (recipes). Red Chili DX uses medium-wave sealed tungsten filament quartz lamps with adjustable intensity. Instant-on flash cure technology conserves energy by reverting to standby status when the screen printing press is idle.

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