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M&R makes the most efficient gas and electric screen printing conveyor dryers. With process and set temperatures controlled digitally—and with CoolSkin™ technology keeping the heat inside the curing chamber—it’s no wonder each M&R electric or gas screen printing conveyor dryer has the highest production rates and highest level of energy efficiency in its class. No competing electric or gas silk screen printing dryers come close.

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Sprint 3000 DHZ Gas Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer

SPRINT® 3000 DHZ Gas Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer with Dual Heat Zones

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M&R’s Sprint® 3000 series dryers are known throughout the industry for efficiency, consistency, and value. The Sprint 3000 DHZ (patents pending) expands on that heritage with dual heat zones and belts that can operate separately or function together as one large dryer, there is simply no other dryer like it.
SPRINT 3000 Gas Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer

SPRINT® 3000 Gas Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer

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Sprint 3000 is the most innovative and dependable gas dryer in the industry. Sprint 3000’s large color touchscreen control center features icon-based labeling and can display information and commands in multiple languages. It also displays real-time performance data, including temperature, temperature history, and output from the included temperature probe, which can be used to track substrate temperature as it passes through the dryer.
Sprint 3000 D Gas Textile Conveyor Dryer with Dual Stacked Belts

SPRINT® 3000 D Gas Textile Conveyor Dryer with Dual Stacked Belts

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The Sprint 3000 D (patents pending) gas textile conveyor dryer utilizes a stacked dual belt design, effectively doubling throughput while keeping a small footprint dimension. It is designed to address new inks and printing methods such as direct-to-garment (DTG) and hybrid printing (screen + digital printing) and their vastly differing cure rates, as well as traditional screen printing. The Sprint 3000 D allows operators to quickly adjust dryer settings to production changes and demands, meaning production planning no longer needs to be dictated by traditional multiple-press, single-dryer scenarios. Operators can simply change the independent belt speeds and run their jobs!

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