About M&R

Begun in 1985, M&R started out with three employees, doing maintenance and repair for screen printers who were dissatisfied with the service provided by the manufacturers of their screen printing presses and other screen printing equipment. Just one year later, M&R began manufacturing manual screen printing presses. In the late 1980's, M&R built Challenger, its first automatic screen printing press. Challenger quickly dominated the market. Graphic screen printing presses followed in 1992. Eventually, M&R went on to become the world's largest manufacturer of screen printing machines, a position it holds to this day. M&R remains heavily invested in advanced technology, earning numerous patents and keeping the company in the forefront of innovative design and rapid product development. Today, M&R produces a wide array of screen printing products and OEM screen printing parts at facilities in Roselle, Illinois, USA and in Wojnicz, Poland. M&R has distributors and support operations throughout the world.

SGIA Product of the Year Awards

Since its founding in the 1980s, M&R has been on the cutting edge of technological innovation, piling up patents and awards, and leading the industry in innovative products and features.

In 2014, M&R entered its first product in SGIA’s Product-of-the-Year competition—and won in the Pre-Press Category for the i-Image STE II Computer-to-Screen (CTS) Imaging & Exposure System, with its unique, patent-pending screen exposure technology.

The next year (2015), M&R entered four products—and came away with four awards.

In 2016, M&R received three more Product-of-the-Year Awards.

Of these winners, Rich Hoffman said, “Customer service, innovative design, and quality products form the foundation M&R was built on, and it’s extremely gratifying to have three of our products recognized for their innovation and quality. Our factory technicians are obsessed with manufacturing the highest quality presses in the industry, and our engineers and the other members of our research and development department are engaged in an ongoing effort to find ways to help garment decorators work more quickly, more productively, and more profitably. And we’ll continue those efforts in the years ahead.”

Factory Tour

No time to make the trek to Roselle, Illinois to check out our factory in person? We’re in the process of developing a factory tour of M&R’s new manufacturing facility, but until then you can follow Rich Hoffman on a tour of virtually every aspect of M&R's former manufacturing facilities in Glen Ellyn and Niles, Illinois. After you see the making of M&R manual and automatic screen printing presses, gas and electric conveyor dryers, and graphics screen printing machines, you'll understand why screen printing equipment from M&R is unmatched. The new Roselle facility is spacious and features more new milling and machining tools, but it’s staffed with the same dedicated machinists, technicians, and engineers—who continue to turn out the best digital and screen printing equipment in the industry.

System Integration™

System Integration is M&R’s commitment to making products that work together seamlessly to simplify the screen printing process. Not only does System Integration enable screen printers to streamline operations, it gives them a single point of contact for parts, sales, and round-the-clock service and support.

Although M&R makes a wide range of ancillary products to assist screen printers, this is what the backbone of M&R’s Concept-to-Completion™ process looks like (click the arrows to step through each stage of the process):