Parts Department

M&R Parts DepartmentEven equipment as bulletproof as M&R's is subject to downtime, if only because of poor maintenance, misuse, customer use of non-standard replacement parts, or decades of wear and tear. But whatever the cause, M&R is well aware of the cost of downtime. That's why M&R stocks so many parts and offers such rapid delivery. Orders received before 3:00 PM Central Time (USA) are typically shipped the following business day.

M&R's parts department stocks over 10,000 different OEM parts, enabling the company to quickly ship many replacement parts for equipment over twenty-five years old. The availability of M&R parts is just one reason M&R equipment carries such high resale value.

Parts can be ordered online, by phone, or by fax, and each order is color-coded according to the shipping method to be used and the customer-requested arrival date.

To expedite the shipping process for parts, M&R designed a new computerized parts department when the company moved to Roselle. When orders are placed the system creates a linear pick list that prevents parts pickers from ever having to retrace their steps. Each picker carries an electronic tablet and a scanner. The tablet shows the location of the next part to be picked as well as a photo of that part. When the part is scanned, a photo of that part appears, enabling the picker to verify that the correct part was picked.

Once the order has been picked, the packing department verifies that the parts picked are correct and complete. Then the order is carefully packed and sent to M&R's shipping department.