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M&R's wide variety of on-press equipment reduces demands on the operator while increasing versatility and improving quality and productivity.

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The Flock-Vac Automatic Flocking Vacuum System includes the vacuum, hoses, nozzle and mounting hardware

FLOCK-VAC™ Automatic Flocking Vacuum System

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Flock-Vac™ helps get the most out of flocking by minimizing the mess—and reducing the cleanup effort—typically associated with flocking.
Flocker 3000 T-Shirt Flocking Machine

FLOCKER 3000™ Automatic Flocking Machine

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M&R’s Flocker 3000™ makes it easy to add tightly-registered multi-color flocking capability to most M&R automatic textile presses. The standalone unit has a 38 x 43 cm (15” x 17”) or 50 x 70 cm (20” x 28”) flock opening, and accommodates frames of (W x L) 66 x 79 cm (26” x 31”) or 79 x 109 cm (31” x 43”). Flocker 3000 is activated by the print carriage, and it’s compatible with M&R’s print-start/print-finish feature, M&R’s Optical No-Shirt Detector, and M&R’s Skip-Shirt foot pedal. Flocker 3000’s dosing brush is driven by a pneumatic cylinder, with speed settings adjusted by a flow control.
T-SC Flock Vacuum System

T-SC™ Flock Vacuum System

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T-SC™ uses a powerful vacuum system and stiff-bristle brushes to remove loose flocking material from garments after they exit the dryer.
HotHead Fabric Compression System (HotHead Control Unit)

HotHead™ Fabric Compression System

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M&R’s HotHead™ fabric compression system gives garment decorators two ways to apply heat and pressure to fabrics for fiber matting, ink smoothing, foil transfer, on-press ink discharging, and other specialty processes. HotHead’s control module mounts on the front of a printhead arm on the press. It uses a multi-function LCD display to set temperature and heater type. The control module works with two heat modules: the HotHead Roller™ applies heat and pressure using a rolling cylinder, and the HotHead FlatIron™ applies heat and pressure by gliding a flat, smooth heating element across the substrate.
Kool-Mist After Flash Cure Cooldown System

KOOL-MIST™ After-Flash Cure Cooldown System

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Kool-Mist™ automatically cools down screen prints and minimizes after-flash tack by applying a high-pressure atomized spray of water and food-grade silicone. Positioning Kool-Mist between the flash cure unit and the next printhead eliminates the need for an open station. A single proximity switch and mounting bracket make it easy to integrate Kool-Mists with screen printing presses.
Passport Automatic Textile Unloader for T-Shirts & Other Substrates

PASSPORT™ Automatic T-Shirt Unloader

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The phenomenal Passport™ is M&R’s patented automatic textile unloader for automatic screen printing presses. Automatic takeoff systems for graphics have long been a staple of the industry, but the search for a successful automatic takeoff system for T-shirts and other textile substrates remained elusive—until M&R took on the challenge. Passport is the first automatic unloader to remove textile substrates quickly, carefully, and consistently. In addition to revolutionizing the takeoff process, Passport dramatically lowers labor costs by reducing the number of people needed to operate a screen printing press.
Turnabout Ink Mixer

TURNABOUT™ Screen Printing Ink Mixers

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The Turnabout™ automatic ink mixer employs a blade that imparts a lifting and rolling action to screen printing inks. That, coupled with Turnabout’s rotating action, ensures evenly blended inks, even reaching ink that typically settles on the sides and bottoms of containers. The container clamping system is self-centering and adjusts to accommodate a wide range of container sizes.
LED SLT™ Dimmable Touch Button Light Table

LED SLT™ Dimmable Touch Button Light Table

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Catch film issues before they are on screen with the LED SLT™ Light Table from M&R. The LED panel provides an energy-efficient glow that is perfectly distributed across the table’s surface. It features a 12 V touch-controlled dimmer button, allowing users to adjust the brightness to the ideal level for aligning films and checking screens. The sturdy table frame also has both height and angle adjustments.

The screen-printed grid surface can be combined with an M&R pin bar (#TRILOC-PB) to make this table the ideal solution for aligning films for use with the Tri-Loc® system.

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