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M&R’s screen cleaning systems automatically remove emulsion and reclaim silk screens, but also give users the option to remove only screen printing ink. In the process, screen cleaning machines reduce environmental impact and lower operating costs by recirculating silk screen-cleaning chemicals. The entire procedure takes place in a single automatic cycle—and in a single chamber. M&R’s screen cleaning systems are economical to operate and help shops keep screen cleaning & reclaiming areas clean.

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ECO-RINSE Automatic Screen Rinsing System

ECO-RINSE™ Automatic Screen Rinsing System

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M&R’s Eco-Rinse™ automates the tedious process of rinsing exposed screens while ensuring consistency and reducing the chance of unintentionally blowing out exposed images. Manually-processed screens often require follow-up rinsing because of incomplete or inadequate processing due to operator fatigue, boredom, or inadequate training. Processing can also vary from one operator to the next. Those problems are eliminated with the consistent screen rinsing available with the Eco-Rinse automatic screen rinsing system.
Eco-Tex Automatic Screen Cleaning and Reclaiming System

ECO-TEX™ Automatic Screen Cleaning and Reclaiming System

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M&R’s Eco-Tex™ automates and simplifies the entire screen-cleaning process, and it handles screen frames up to 132 x 97 cm (52” x 38”). In the process, Eco-Tex reduces environmental impact and lowers operating costs by recirculating screen-cleaning chemicals. Users have the option of leaving the emulsion intact while removing ink, or of completely stripping ink, emulsion, and other residue from screens. Once the screens have been cleaned, Eco-Tex rinses them with a high-pressure fresh-water power wash.
UNI-KOTE Automatic Screen Coating Machine

UNI-KOTE™ Automatic Screen Coating Machine

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Uni-Kote™ provides a reliable, low-cost option for automating screen coating. The computerized control center, conveniently mounted at the side of the screen coating machine, makes programming simple. Uni-Kote’s front and rear screen coaters can apply emulsion in tandem or independently, allowing operators to coat each side of the screen separately, both sides simultaneously, or just one side. M&R’s Job Recall™ allows users to save up to five screen coating jobs for added convenience and quick changeover.
Max Newton Silk Screen Stretching System

MAX NEWTON™ Screen Stretching System

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M&R’s economical pneumatic screen stretcher delivers high-tension stretching on virtually any mesh/frame combination.

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