New POLARIS™ Industrial High-Speed Direct to Garment Printing System

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  • CE Certified: Built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE)
  • UL Listed: Built to specifications established by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL)
  • Digital microprocessor with self-diagnostics
  • Digital touchscreen control panel with icon-based graphics can display information and commands in multiple languages
  • Jog-left/jog-right controls
  • Large 10.4” machine-mounted touchscreen interface
  • Machine-mounted control center provides ergonomic controls within reach of the pallet loading area
  • Maintenance Minder™ System alerts operators when scheduled maintenance is due
  • Stopwatch feature enables users to capture elapsed time for setup times and run times
  • Built of heavy-duty steel and premium components
  • Pallet arms provide the stability necessary for exceptional print quality
  • Onboard, digitally-controlled flashes introduce residual heat into the garments to speed up the flash time
  • Onboard, digitally-controlled heat presses not only flatten fibers, but introduce residual heat into the garments to improve pretreat application and white ink flash time
  • Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
  • Servo drives combine higher speeds with exceptional smoothness, consistency, and longevity
  • Continuous full system re-circulation to reduce settling
  • Four 6-liter main tanks in each digital print station provide long run times in between refills
  • Main tank agitation solution on White Print Station to prevent obstruction at ink inlet
  • Utilizes Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White inks
  • Assists operators in the precise positioning of garments and cut pieces. See it in action!
  • Speeds pallet positioning and changeover
  • TucLoc® platens allow for the quick loading and unloading of garments, while eliminating the need for spray tack or a clamshell system
  • Caldera RIP License with Polaris Driver
  • Integrable automated workflow via RESTful API to order management system or ERP
  • Linux-based OS
  • Polaris Dashboard with Press View for managing ripped jobs on press
  • Recipe management tools to enable customizable press settings
  • Dual nozzle pretreater sprays the desired pretreatment in adjustable volume, length and cycles for consistent application
  • Two-tank system allows for dark and light shirt pretreatment rapid change with no contamination and small footprint
  • The Polaris has 16 printheads per station arranged in a 40 cm (16") array to provide a maximum print area of 38 x 48.25 cm (15” x 19”)
  • Printheads are industrial stainless steel construction for excellent durability and extended service life
  • Sixteen industrial printheads dedicated to White ink
  • Sixteen industrial printheads support Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks
  • Variable drop volume and droplet size improves blends and color gamut
  • 1,280 nozzles per head achieve 600 DPI native resolution: 600x1200 in 4-pass mode and 600x1800 in 6-pass mode
  • 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
  • Parts & supplies are available online at
  • Z-Axis adjustment allows the printhead distance to be adjusted 3-10 mm from the printing surface

Model Specification

Air @ 6 bar (100 psi) Indexing Platform: 9 CFM
Digital Print Stations (x2): 3 CFM
Pretreater: 0.6 CFM
Heat Presses (x3): 0.4 CFM
Digital Print Stations - Inks One Station dedicated to White
One Station dedicated to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black
Electrical Requirements Main Requirements - Max. Load: 220 V, 3 ph, 230 A, 50/60 Hz, 90 kW (if alternating 1 ph for stamper)
Indexing Platform: 220 V, 3 ph, 24 A, 50/60 Hz, 9.6 kW (16 stations, supplied from above)
Digital Print Stations (x2): 220 V, 1 ph, 10 A, 50/60 Hz, 2.2 kW
Pretreater: 220 V, 1 ph, 4 A, 50/60 Hz, 250 W
Inline Flashes (x3): 220 V, 3 ph, 43 A, 50/60 Hz, 16.5 kW
RED CHILI DX™ Flash: 220 V, 3 ph, 30 A, 50/60 Hz, 11.5 kW
Heat Presses (x3): 220 V, 1 ph, 17 A, 50/60 Hz, 3.3 kW
Control Stand: 220/120 VAC, 1 ph, 14/22 A, 50/60 Hz, 3 kW (Separate from max. load)
Environmental Requirements Work Room Temperature: 20 - 25 °C (68 - 77 °F)
Work Room Humidity:
50% - 70% (non-condensing)
Maximum Image Area 38 x 48.25 cm (15" x 19")
Maximum Resolution 600 dpi native printhead resolution
Maximum resolutions: 600x1200, 600x1800
Overall Size (H x W x D) 238 x 874 x 534 cm (94" x 364" x 210")
Shipping Weight 7102 kg (15658 lb)
Standard Pallet Size 38 x 48.25 cm (15" x 19")
Water Requirements Water Line In: Filtered water (not distilled): 9.5 mm (3/8") tubing, 762 cm (25 ft.) max.
Drain Line Out: 9.5 mm 3/8" tubing, 762 cm (25 ft.) max. or dedicated drain pump

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