Innovation has always been a key component in M&R's success, and M&R holds over seventy-five patents going back to 1983. Some of the earliest patents were acquired through acquisitions, but M&R has been granted over fifty patents since 1992 when Rich Hoffman and Aleksander Szyszko were awarded U.S. Patent Number 5,165,339 for a detachable scraper attachment for floodbars.

Since then M&R has been awarded patents on a wide range of devices. These are just a few:

  • Automatic screen registration
  • Shuttle covers for UV exposure lamps
  • Transfer printing presses
  • On-pallet shirt detectors
  • Multi-belt dryers
  • Data storage devices for screen printing presses
  • Pallet sequencing system for screen printing presses
  • The first multi-tiered manual screen printing press
  • Registration system for screen printing presses
  • Pallet and gripper system for automatically unloading garments from presses
  • Zoned vacuum bed for holding down stock on graphics presses
  • Bottom-pulling belt for folding machines
  • Quick-load easy-clean squeegee holder
  • Multiple devices for oval presses.
  • Conveyor dryer belt tracking system (Patriot Belt™)
  • Dynamic dryer belt-speed adjustment system (Dynabelt™)

M&R's continued pursuit of technological innovation is evidenced by these patents pending:

  • Screen-frame registration system on CTS machines
  • Hybrid screen and direct‐to‐garment printing machine and process
  • Printer vacuum control system
  • Multi-belt/multi-zone textile dryer system
  • Squeegee holder (Qwik-Klamp™)
  • Registration system alignment indicator (Tri-Sync™)
  • Heated iron/roller for fabric compression (HotHead™)