i-Image ST™ Computer-to-Screen (CTS) Imaging System

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  • CE Certified: Built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE)
  • UL Listed: Built to specifications established by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL)
  • Can be user-customized for specific art types, various mesh counts, and types of emulsion
  • Digital workflow simplifies the imaging process
  • Eliminates the need for costly film
  • Improves image quality
  • Produces exceptional screen-to-screen registration
  • Promotes faster on-press setup and registration
  • Provides complete control of print parameters
  • Provides full image scaling and positioning
  • Reduces processing steps
  • Virtually eliminates pinhole touchup
  • Workflow can be customized for specific customer needs
  • Designed to fit through an 81 cm (32") doorway
  • Includes computer, monitor, and M&R’s proprietary software
  • Self-contained design speeds production by allowing placement in light-safe screen-coating rooms
  • Touchscreen panel with alphanumeric display
  • Contact indicator ensures proper screen placement prior to imaging (the PRINT button lights up when the screen is locked in place)
  • Helps ensure that every CTS-generated screen is accurately pre-registered for M&R’s Tri-Loc system
  • Prevents images from being printed if the screen frame has not been properly loaded (this feature can be turned off)
  • Tri-Sync Pallet (included) uses a similar contact indicator to ensure proper screen placement on the press
  • 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
  • M&R OEM parts—including genuine M&R pallets & platens—and screen printing supplies are available online at store.mrprint.com
  • One-year limited warranty

Model Specification

Electrical Requirements 208/230 V, 1 ph, 5 A, 50/60 Hz, 1.2 kW
Industrial Printheads 1
Maximum Image Area 51 x 66 cm (20" x 26")
Maximum Screen Frame Profile 4.1 cm (1.63")
Maximum Screen Frame Size 66 x 91 cm (26” x 36”)
Overall Size (H x W x D) 125 x 142 x 213 cm (49" x 56" x 84")
Screens per Shift 150
Shipping Weight 612 kg (1350 lb)

Customer Reviews


I-image STE

Thursday, Mar 15, 2018
We recently got our M&RI i-Image STE, and it has made our life so much easier. Not only have we been able to get away from printing film and manually taping films to carrier sheets, we hardly ever touch our micros after we use our Tri-loc pallet. If you have an automatic press, and you aren't running some sort of I-image with a tri-loc, it is costing you more money than you realize.

- Dan Kreuse
Evolutionary Screen Printing & Embroidery
Monday, Jul 1, 2013
Mike Frankow, Owner & PresidentEvolutionary Screen Printing & EmbroideryLakeland FL, USA
If you are considering CTS, just do it!!! We were on the fence at first because of the expense, but now that we have had an i-Image in the shop since December, I can honestly say I wish we’d done it a couple of years ago.

The i-Image computer-to-screen unit will change your shop's life. Not just the fact that your separation is being printed in the exact spot for perfect registration on every screen—and how fast that is vs. film. All the other time and hassle, not to mention constant human error with film and carrier sheets will be gone. As I am typing this, mine is running next to me, building a stack of perfect pre-registered, highly-detailed screens that I could NEVER have made with film and carrier sheets.

Our i-Image has really made a huge difference in our overall process, from imaging the screen all the way to an improved final print. As every screen printer knows, there are so many intricate steps in the process. The i-Image has made major improvements to every one of those steps. The one big thing about multi-color spot-color prints that all screen printers hate to admit is trapping. With i-Image, we have eliminated trapping, which we used to use to achieve a guaranteed registration. We’re now at zero trap because of the precision of the i-Image. Our final 8-color spot designs come out flawless on press now. They always looked good before, but you know how the trapping always gave that little edge? It’s now perfection. We love it!

Add to that the super service by the staff at M&R that cannot be matched in this industry. They’ve been amazing as well!!
You won't find another company to give support on an intricate piece of gear like this than M&R. They, and I really mean they—at least 5 individuals—were there for us 7 days a week if we needed them to make sure we were doing things properly. And still today, 7 months later, I have folks from M&R check in on me to make sure we are getting what we expect or more out of the unit. M&R is definitely the way to go for a computer-to-screen imaging system. The i-Image is totally engineered with Tri-Loc screen registration system in mind. We have cut our pre-press time by at least 75%. And that’s a conservative estimate.
Guerilla Graffix
Wednesday, Jul 25, 2012
John & Dan SmithlineGuerilla GraffixRockford IL, USA
Our new i-Image ST is the biggest improvement to prepress we’ve ever seen. It’s eliminated our need for film, and unlike film, digital images are easy to store and retrieve, making blown-screen replacement a snap.

i-Image ST has improved our screen quality, increased screen-generation speed, and reduced cost. Screen production is way up because we’ve cut exposure times by 75%. And i-Image has virtually eliminated post-processing screen touch-ups. We could never produce screens of this quality—or at this speed—the conventional way. Our CTS screens are unmatched.

Multi-screen jobs come out perfectly registered, and since i-Image ST pre-registers screens for Tri-Loc, our entire prepress process, from screen prep to registration, has been cut dramatically.

Our i-Image ST will probably end up being one of the fastest returns on investment we’ve ever had.

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