STARLIGHT™ UV LED Screen Exposure System

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  • Exceptionally flexible and resilient material ensures intimate contact
  • Gas shocks simplify blanket frame opening and closing
  • Oil-free pump is fast, quiet, and efficient
  • Specially designed vacuum system features high-speed drawdown
  • CE Certified: Built to specifications established by the European Committee for Standardization® (CE)
  • UL Listed: Built to specifications established by Underwriters Laboratories® (UL)
  • Fully-enclosed, heavy-duty all steel cabinet
  • Light-Loc™ automatically turns off the screen exposure light source if the blanket frame is opened
  • Optically clear plate glass
  • Self-contained design speeds production by allowing placement in light-safe screen-coating rooms
  • Ships fully assembled and ready to deploy
  • Starlight 3140 is compatible with most sizes of M&R’s Tri-Loc® Rapid Registration System
  • Computerized touchscreen controller allows the operator to set vacuum and exposure times
  • Exposure time can be set between 0.1 and 999.9 seconds
  • Job Recall™ allows operators to save and recall up to 24 vacuum & exposure profiles—and identify each with a unique name or description
  • Vacuum sensor automatically initiates the exposure process as soon as the operator-defined vacuum setting is reached
  • Dramatically reduces exposure time
  • Multiple banks of high-output UV LEDs excel on all emulsions: direct, capillary, and indirect
  • The high density of M&R’s screen-exposure LEDs (over 2000 on the Starlight 3140 and more than 1200 on the Starlight 2331) provides the finest detail, the most uniform coverage, and the quickest exposures available
  • UV LEDs run cooler, reduce screen exposure time, and speed up production
  • UV LEDs use far less energy than metal halide lamps and are only on during the screen exposure process
  • Starlight’s Controller automates the screen exposure process:

    1. The operator selects the appropriate exposure preset and presses START
    2. When the system reaches the preset vacuum level, the user-set vacuum countdown begins
    3. When vacuum countdown reaches zero, the LED exposure process begin
    4. When exposure countdown reaches zero, vacuum and exposure LEDs turn off automatically
    5. After the exposure is complete, the display shows EXPOSURE COMPLETE letting the operator know that the screen has been exposed
  • Starlight’s exposure process allows the operator to walk away after pushing the start button because the automated process ensures that exposures will not begin until proper vacuum has been reached—and vacuum and exposure LEDs will shut off automatically upon completion of exposure
  • 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
  • M&R OEM parts—including genuine M&R pallets & platens—and screen printing supplies are available online at
  • One-year limited warranty
  • The screen-exposure LEDs used in the i-Image STE I carry a limited lifetime warranty against failure in normal use
  • Available at the time of purchase or as a field retrofit
  • CTS Kit turns Starlight into a computer-to-screen UV LED screen exposure system
  • Eliminates glass and the need for vacuum drawdown for faster exposure times
  • Replaces the glass with an adjustable screen support framework, providing quick adjustment for different frame sizes
  • Turns Starlight models into freestanding UV LED screen exposure systems

Model Specification

Electrical Requirements 110 V, 1 ph, 9.5 A, 50/60 Hz, 1.1 kW
Maximum Screen Frame Size 58 x 79 cm (23” x 31”)
Overall Size (H x W x D) 23 x 109 x 91 cm (9” x 43” x 36”)
Overall Size with Stand (H x W x D) 104 x 109 x 91 cm (41” x 43” x 36”)
Shipping Weight 147 kg (325 lb)

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