Meet Kruzer

The World's Best Entry-Level Manual Press

Kruzer Manual Press

Kruzer is M&R’s most affordable entry-level, 6-color/4-color manual screen printing press. It’s built with M&R’s rugged construction and innovative design to offer screen printers more value and performance than any manual press in its class.


With each Kruzer purchase, we’re including a $295 coupon good toward the purchase of M&R squeegees, floodbars & pallets—and the M&R edition of Operation Screen Print: Killer Black Shirts by Dane Clement & Lon Winters of Graphic Elephants (a $400 value). The package is valued at $695, and is available while supplies last.

The Killer Black Shirts (KBS) training kit will teach you all you need to know about printing on black shirts, from artwork separations and screen preparation to printing positives—and everything in-between. KBS will stock your arsenal with knowledge so you can start turning out killer black shirts.

The M&R edition of Operation Screen Print: Killer Black Shirts includes:

  • Full-color instructional book filled with images, photos, general information, as well as step-by-step lessons from the creation of artwork all the way through the printed shirt.

  • Two DVDs loaded with tutorial videos on all stages of the artwork and screen printing processes, including creating production-ready artwork, burning screens, setting up the press, choosing inks, working with mesh, and more.

  • A sample black t-shirt with the full-color Tiger Imprint, a full-color Operation Screen Print vector logo back print, a one-color sleeve print, and one tag print.

  • Five film positives to practice printing your own Tiger shirts.

  • A coupon from M&R good for up to $295 in discounts on the purchase of any combination of squeegees, floodbars and pallets over $595 from the M&R Store. That brings the total value of this kit to $695!

But it’s not just about Kruzer. Meet the Kruzer Support Team, highly-affordable products that work seamlessly with Kruzer.

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Infrared Flash Cure

M&R’s Blu-Flash is unbelievably affordable—and amazingly versatile. A variable-percentage (1-100) power control allows adjustment of the curing temperature, and the sturdy, lightweight stand provides easy positioning and superior portability.

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Infrared Conveyor Dryer

Economax D is the ultimate affordable, space-saving infrared electric screen printing conveyor dryer. Not only does it have the highest production capacity in its class of conveyor dryers, it’s also the most energy efficient. Fast cure rates and high product throughput maximize conveyor dryer capacity and minimize per-unit cost.

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UV Fluorescent Screen Exposure System

First Light’s five high-output UV fluorescent lamps save energy costs, reduce screen exposure time, and speed up production. The specially designed vacuum system features high-speed drawdown, ensuring intimate film-to-screen contact without damage to blanket or glass.

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