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M&R Introduces the Novus Ultra 3200

The new Ultra 3200 roll-to-roll industrial inkjet printer offers a wide array of innovative features and an industry-leading price-to-performance ratio. It’s designed for multi-roll printing and capable of printing substrates up to 3.2 meter (126”) wide. Ultra 3200 delivers four-color CMYK and true four-level gray scale printing. Advanced UV LED curing and ink technology provide low temperature curing and reliable output without sacrificing print speed, color gamut, ink adhesion, or media versatility.

M&R Introduces the Starlight ASO UV LED Screen Exposure System

The new patent-pending Starlight ASO (Adjustable Spectrum Output) uses three independently adjustable nanometer ranges to increase screen-exposure flexibility. Each range can vary light output from 0%-100%, and operators can increase or decrease gain (intensity) to best match each emulsion. Operators can also fine tune exposure intensity on sensitive and fast-acting emulsions.