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Matthew Lucas, Owner of Trust Printshop, developed a passion for screen printing while in high school, printing t-shirts for his band in his father’s garage. As Trust Printshop grew, Matt soon found himself printing 500 to 900 shirts a day on a manual press. He shares that with one person doing the printing, communication with clients, and separations, it was challenging to get back to his customers in time. There was a decision to make; hire more people, or increase efficiency. Matt chose efficiency and purchased a 6-color DIAMONDBACK SERIES Automatic Screen Printing Press, which he says changed his life. 

Making the move from manual to automatic allowed Matt to focus on growing the business while maintaining very high standards, and soon Trust Printshop was printing thousands of shirts a day. Says Matt, “That was a big turning point for me, and I kind of just never stopped.” Trust currently operates two 10-color SPORTSMAN EX Automatic Screen Printing Presses with a third on the way. In January of 2015 they moved to their current location in Fort Worth, Texas; an air conditioned, team-designed and remodeled shop that is large enough to support continued growth. 

Matt and his team continue to focus on quality, consistency, and efficiency. “That’s something that we’re very proud of, is that we’re able to get dot for dot registration from the first shirt to the thousandth shirt,” says Matt. “From our art department to our press, everything is on the same registration system. That is so important for efficiency. We have a Tri-Loc for our presses, and we have a direct to screen for our screen department, and those things are our best friends.” 

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