Jeff Saxby tells how he went from pizzeria and skateboard shop owner to successful screen printer in Clinton, Iowa. Jeff’s entry into screen printing was the convergence of blind luck and a willingness to seize the moment. Describing his switch to screen printing, Jeff says it was everything he thought it would be. And despite knowing little about screen printing, Jeff describes his feeling at the time as one of “pure excitement.” 

Not only did Jeff not look back, he couldn’t wait to get an automatic screen printing press. After that, “It was just go, go, go, go, go!” Of those heady days, Jeff says, “It was an amazing time.”

Jeff also relates the “Uncle Talk” he got from M&R CEO Rich Hoffman—and describes Rich’s literal take on “hands-on” support.

And when it comes to purchasing screen printing equipment, Jeff says, “That’s what’s important to understand. It’s a package deal. More than the equipment, service is the most important thing.”

As for why Lynnpro sticks with M&R screen printing equipment, Jeff had a concise answer: “It works.”

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