Using an Exposure Calculator: Determining the Degree of Resistance

Using an Exposure Calculator: Determining the Degree of Resistance
by Laura Unterbrink, KIWO Inc.

What is an exposure test?

An exposure test conducted with an exposure calculator helps to find the optimal production exposure time for stencil making. An exposure calculator combines 2 films - a neutral density film and an artwork film. When exposed to a stencil, each film produces separate results. The neutral density film's steps help to evaluate the stencil's resistance; the artwork film's results are to evaluate the stencil's resolution. It is the screen maker's job to judge the results and establish the best balance of resolution and resistance for the specific production application.

This article provides an explanation of several methods used to judge the resistance of a stencil, as well as, the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

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Laura Unterbrink

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