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The COBRA™ shares the traits of the reptile of the same name—it's sleek, quiet, and super-fast.

The COBRA series of automatic screen printing presses is the newest product evolution from M&R. They set the standard in combining quality components, durable craftsmanship and high speed production all in one machine.

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What's under the hood?

A standout feature of the COBRA is its on-head, off-contact system, with all-new micro-adjustments. This system provides maximum control over screen registration, allowing operators to dial-in off-contact measurements with precision and ease in both the front and the rear of each and every pallet.

A new breed of printhead

The printheads on the COBRA have been re-thought as well. The COBRA series of presses provide operators with time-saving features needed for quick setups—electric printheads, tool-free squeegee/floodbar angle adjustments with air locks, Quick-Flip™ pneumatic frame locks, and independent squeegee/flood speeds with digital displays.

New Flat Indexing System

The newly-designed, robust, flat indexing system offers incredibly smooth and quiet operation. The flat indexing system can also easily accommodate digital products on certain models of the COBRA, like the DS-4000 ™ DigitalSqueegee® from M&R.

Get Charmed by M&R's COBRA

With three different sizes available in 8-, 10- and 12-colors in the 1618 model, and four different sizes available in 8-, 10-, 12- and 14-colors in the 2020 model, there is sure to be a COBRA that meets your needs. You can rest assured that whichever you choose, M&R has you covered with best-in-class design, service and support.


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