Lon Winters

General Textile Screen Printing

Engineering a Soft Print

As you may know, we work with a number of western wear companies and brands, which is probably not all that unusual seeing as though we are located here in the Colorado West. One such brand is Stetson. You might recognize the label from cowboy hats, boots and woven garments, among other items, especially if you are a cowboy or country boy (like me).

General Textile Screen Printing

Performance with a Purpose

In a recent meeting with one of our larger and long-time clients that manufactures several branded clothing lines that we participate in creating, we discussed topics including future line development, pricing, production schedules and the project we will share with you here. Our customer interrupted the business-as-usual conversation by paging one of his salespeople who then joined us in the conference room. Our new friend, we learned, tragically lost his young daughter, Amanda and recently had set up a fundraiser/charity event and fun run in her name called Miles of Smiles. Our client had designed a cute image to be printed on the front and back of performance running shirts. If the cause wasn’t reason enough to get in on this project, thinking of our own daughters sealed the deal.