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CHALLENGER III D Automatic Screen Printing Press
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CHALLENGER III D Automatic Screen Printing Press

M&R’s revolutionary Challenger III D automatic screen printing press is the world’s fastest T-shirt printing machine, and it brings Dynamic PrintStroke™ to the world of professional screen printing equipment. Dynamic PrintStroke™ controls most press settings, which can be stored as unique screen printing programs in Job Recall™. Stored jobs can be sent electronically to other Challenger III D screen printing machines. Challenger III D is simply the finest carousel automatic screen printing machine ever made.
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Challenger III ID Automatic Screen Printing Press
Challenger III ID Automatic Screen Printing Press
Facts at a Glance
12-18 colors, 14-20 stations
Job Recall™ storage & retrieval system for press settings
Digital control allows operators to electronically manage all screen printing parameters

Additional Information

CHALLENGER III D Automatic Screen Printing Press
M&R’s revolutionary Challenger III D automatic screen printing press, with groundbreaking Dynamic PrintStroke™ (U.S. Patent No. 9,150,041), brings a new dimension to automatic screen printing equipment. Dynamic PrintStroke™ provides programmable control over squeegee pressure, print/flood speed, print-stroke length, and print-carriage position and other print settings. The squeegee pressure setting can be varied between print strokes, offering unparalleled control over ink deposit. These programmable print parameters—along with Ink Dip™, Ink Dam™, flash-cure, and other print settings—can be named, saved, and stored as a unique screen printing program in M&R’s Job Recall™ storage & retrieval system. Operators can later recall that print job for subsequent print runs. For similar but not identical jobs, the operator can save a copy of the job under another name and tweak those settings rather than starting from scratch. Stored jobs can even be sent electronically to other Challenger III D machines, providing large operations and contract printers with unprecedented convenience and control over production.

The huge standard feature set on Challenger III D automatic screen printing machines includes a super-fast, ultra-quiet servo-driven indexer; servo-driven printheads; tool-free calibrated angle adjustments; a large and highly-sophisticated touchscreen controller; and quick-set printhead off-contact (invaluable when screen printing thick inks or specialty inks like gels and high-density). Squeegee pressure can also be adjusted mechanically should the need arise. M&R’s Automatic Pallet Preheat Mode™ with built-in pallet temperature sensor allows operators to preheat pallets to the desired temperature with any compatible flash cure unit and track those temperatures throughout the print run. Each printhead includes a touchscreen that provides digital control over squeegee print pressure and squeegee and floodbar speeds. A socket on each printhead makes it easy to position a flash cure unit in any station and make on-the-fly adjustments from the main control panel.

Other features include Printhead Teach Mode™; front and rear micro-registration; tool-free adjustable rear screen holders; print-start/print-finish mode; and M&R’s Revolver Print Program™, which automatically operates individual printheads in programmed sequence and allows multiple flashing without losing a printing position. M&R’s Laser Locator System speeds pallet positioning and changeover, and it assists operators in the precise positioning of garments and cut-piece goods. The squeegee/floodbar park feature facilitates setup and tear-down by simultaneously retracting the squeegee and floodbar and then moving them to the outside edge of the press for easy access. Challenger III D is also compatible with screen printing equipment like M&R’s Tri-Loc rapid registration system and Passport automatic T-shirt and textiles unloader. With its oversize capability, Challenger III D is also an ideal cut-piece and all-over T-shirt printing machine. With so many features and an unmatched level of flexibility, convenience, and control, Challenger III D is simply the finest automatic carousel screen printing press ever made.

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