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Equipment Maintenance

Back to Basics

Some years back, we helped an old friend at Athey Graphics set up an operation in a cute little resort town on a lake in Oklahoma. The area is called Monkey Island and sits on the shores of Grand Lake. (Now that's just fun to say‚ Monkey Island.)

Textile Printing Techniques

Process Printing on Darks

A recent client was fairly proficient at basic four-color process on white and was getting good results. However, since we would be focusing on dark and black shirt printing during our visit, the salesperson let the cat out of the bag. So, before we even started the learning curve, the sales staff had already sold a job. Typical isn’t it? It would be okay though, we had a template to run through the whole process. Sometimes things just work out.


All About the Chrome!

If there is anything better than beers and gears, it might be liquor and chrome. We are, as you know, experts and quite experienced at most anything of this nature. After all, we are screen printers. It seems as though we developed a theme over the years, for better or worse. We have a client, who, to us, is a pretty big customer. In fact, one of our largest. These guys happen to hold several substantial western brands. That said, as you might expect, there are a number of shirts being printed for these brands, and we get to print plenty of them.

Textile Printing Techniques

Layered Ink Effect--Dimensional Print Project

As you may or may not know, we are an alpha and beta test site for many manufacturers in the industry and try to stay sharp by experimenting with any combination we can think of. We generally incorporate many products into our own research and development on a regular basis. One, a new (at the time) base that was supposed to be very hard and have a rock-like texture, eventually found its way onto a number of young men’s preprint lines we were working on.