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Textile Printing Techniques

Grey Scale Screen Printing

As you may, or may not know, we recently spent a week with the first Printwear Shop Makeover winner in Plymouth, Mich. We spent five days with our new friends Nancy, Rose and Gary at Heritage Logo Works. While streamlining the process and dialing in some new techniques, we also worked up a project interesting enough to make it into our Software to Substrate monthly column.

General Textile Screen Printing

Reconstructing Multi-Color Art

One of our long-time clients is a very well-respected brand in the biking biz, as it were. We have been working with Primal Wear for well over a decade. They were the original folks with wild full-color graphics on polyester bike jerseys. While, so far, we have yet to dabble in the full garment sublimation game, these guys pretty much set the bar for this category years ago. Our position in the relationship has been to translate that wonderful art to T-shirts in a way that keeps the original’s integrity yet is printable and cost-effective.

General Textile Screen Printing

Engineering a Soft Print

As you may know, we work with a number of western wear companies and brands, which is probably not all that unusual seeing as though we are located here in the Colorado West. One such brand is Stetson. You might recognize the label from cowboy hats, boots and woven garments, among other items, especially if you are a cowboy or country boy (like me).